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Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography
Rose, Ernestine Louise Lasmond Potowsky
Edition of 1900. See also Ernestine Rose on Wikipedia, and our Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography disclaimer.

ROSE, Ernestine Louise Lasmond Potowsky, reformer, b. in Peterkoff, Poland, 18 Jan., 1810. d. 3 Aug., 1892. She was born of Jewish parentage, but early abandoned that creed. In 1829 she visited England, became a disciple of Robert Dale Owen, and soon afterward married William E. Rose. In 1836 she came to New York and circulated the first petition for the property rights of married women, there being in 1837 a biil pending in the New York legislature on this subject. Mrs. Rose lectured in the chief cities of the United States, and was a delegate from the National woman suffrage association to the Woman's industrial congress in Berlin on 9 Nov., 1869. Later she attended all of the woman's-rights conventions, and she had repeatedly addressed legislative assemblies. She had lived for some time in France and England, and frequently spoke on religious topics, temperance, and the enfranchisement of women.