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Edward Delmar Morgan
An English explorer, translator and author.


As translator[edit]

  • N. Przhevalsky. Mongolia, the Tangut Country, and the Solitudes of Northern Tibet (1876), translated from the Russian by E. Delmar Morgan, edited by Henry Yule
  • N. Przhevalsky. From Kulja, across the Tian-Shan, to Lop-nor (1879), translated from the Russian by E. D. Morgan, edited by Thomas Forsyth

As editor[edit]

  • Early voyages and travels to Russia and Persia by Anthony Jenkinson and other Englishmen, with some account of the first intercourse of the English with Russia and Central Asia by way of the Caspian Sea. (1886) in 2 vols. Edited by E. Delmar Morgan and C. H. Coote v.1 v.2

Works about him[edit]