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Matsuo Bashō
A great poet and essayist of the Edo period (1603-1867) established haikai no renga as a literary art.
Matsuo Bashō


Complete Basho Haiku in Japanese
Translated by various:
Frog Poem (IB-265, HS-270, JR-152)[1] 1681/6
Transl. by William George Aston:
On a whithered branch... (IB-117-3, HS-121, JR-120) 1680/1
An ancient pond... (IB-265, HS-270, JR-152) 1681/6
'Tis the first snow... (IB-275, HS-280, JR-279) 1686
A cloud of flowers... (IB-285, HS-294, JR-296) 1687
I come weary... (IB-386-1, HS-400, JR-397) 1688
The cry of the cicada... (IB-641, HS-642, JR-663) 1690
Of Miidera... (IB-714, HS-715, JR-741) 1691
Ah! the waving lespedeza... (IB-804, HS-805, JR-849) 1693
'Twas the new moon... attributed to Bashō, Issa, or Sōgi date unknown
Transl. by Dmitri N. Smirnov:
Рiping autumn wind... (IB-24, HS-13, JR-13) 1666/7
Clouds will separate us... (IB-41, HS-41, JR-53) 1671-72
Spider, say again... (IB-113, HS-116, JR-117) 1680
Soon they have to die... (IB-641, HS-642, JR-663) 1690

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  1. See: Complete Basho Haiku in Japanese