Avadhuta Gita

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Avadhuta Gita (अवधूत गीता) glossed 'Hymn of the Holy Fool'
Dattatreya (attrib.), translated by Ananda and coded by B9hummingbirdhovering

Invocation and dedication[edit]

In the undertaking, journey, execution of this work I entrust my activity to my guiding dæmon which has always been The Fool. I invoke The Fool's station on the wheel of the Major Arcana as The Hanged Man, this avatar of The Fool is none other than the great liminal vagabond Wodin, though not only.

I dedicate this work to the relevance of spirituality as sanctity in lived experience, especially in its true sense of wholeness and integration, integrity and inclusion: that which is otherwise than sin and separation. Even though separation which is an illusion is to be prized as it presents the rasa of divine longing; which in Bhakti Yoga is exquisite.

Caveat Lector: this work is under construction, please do not cite without express permission. My grammatical analysis may not only be foolish but stoopid and blatantly wrong. If you are aware that it is wrong or inappropriate, please fix it directly or notify me so I may. Anybody who would like to work together on this project according to their capacity is more than welcome.
B9hummingbirdhoverin'chittychat 14:42, 20 February 2010 (UTC)


  • nom. = nominative case
  • sg. = singular
  • 1p. = fist person
  • n. = neuter gender
  • ind. = indeclinable


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