Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Declaration of Independence

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Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Declaration of Independence  (1918) 
by the Azerbaijani National Council
The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was founded by the Azerbaijani National Council in Tiflis on May 28, 1918 after the collapse of the Russian Empire that began with the Russian Revolution of 1917. The Muslim representation in the defunct Seim had constituted itself into the Azerbaijani National Council, and on May 28, 1918 proclaimed that a new nation was born. This is the text of the proclamation, which was to be referred to later on as the National Charter. So far only a geographical reference, Azerbaijan now became the name of a state, and some 2 million people, called variously Tatars, Transcaucasian Muslims and Caucasian Turks, officially became Azerbaijanis.
Text of Declaration of Independence of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in Azerbaijani. Signed on 28 May 1918

1. Azerbaijan is a fully sovereign state; it consists of the southern and eastern parts of Transcaucasia under the authority of the Azerbaijani people.

2. It is resolved that the form of government of the independent Azerbaijani state is a democratic republic.

3. The Azerbaijani Democratic Republic is determined to establish friendly relations with all, especially with the neighboring nations and states.

4. The Azerbaijani Democratic Republic guarantees to all its citizens within its borders full civil and political rights, regardless of ethnic origin, religion, class, profession, or sex.

5. The Azerbaijani Democratic Republic encourages the free development of all nationalities inhabiting its territory.

6. Until the Azerbaijani Constituent Assembly is convened, the supreme authority over Azerbaijan is vested in a universally elected National Council and the provisional government responsible to this Council.


This work was published before January 1, 1923, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.