Century Magazine/Volume 41/Issue 5

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Century Magazine
Volume 41, Issue 5
Volume 41, Issue 5 (March 1891).


  • General Crook in the Indian Country, by Captain John G. Bourke
  • The Faith Doctor, by Edward Eggleston
  • The Century Club, by A. R. Macdonough
  • Australian Cities, by George R. Parkin
  • Aux Invalides, by Edgar Fawcett
  • Moonlight, by Celia Thaxter
  • The Memoirs of Talleyrand. With an Introduction, by Whitelaw Reid
  • Experiences of War Prisoners. Plain Living at Johnson's Island, by Horace Carpenter
  • A Mystery of the Sea, by Edwin K. Buttolph
  • An American in Tibet. Through Eastern Tibet and Central China, by W. Woodville Rockhill
  • The Utopian Pointer, by David Dodge
  • Give Me Not Tears, by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop
  • Colonel Carter of Cartersville, by F. Hopkinson Smith
  • Penhallow, by Edith Robinson
  • Gold Hunters of California. Resume of Fremont's Expedition, by M. N. O.
  • Gold Hunters of California. The Origin of the Fremont Explorations, by Jessie Benton Fremont
  • Gold Hunters of California. Rough Times in Rough Places, by Micajah McGehee
  • Gold Hunters of California. Montgomery and Fremont, by Josiah Royce
  • Gold Hunters of California. Three Gold Dust Stories, by J. F. B. Marshall
  • The People and Finance
  • Unorganized Municipal Reform
  • Unregarded Literary Standards
  • George W. Childs
  • Walter Howe
  • H. C. Lodge on Civil Service Reform, by William B. Aiken
  • Rejoinder to: H. C. Lodge on Civil Service Reform, by Henry Cabot Lodge
  • The Women Who Do the Work, by Florence Lockwood
  • Working Girls' Clubs, by Florence Lockwood
  • Two Monuments, by Horace F. Cutter
  • What of the Desert, by J. W. Gregory
  • Two Interviews with Robert E. Lee, by W. W. Page
  • Madame de Remusat on Talleyrand and Bonaparte
  • Talleyrand and Washington, by Cephas Brainerd
  • Reflections, by Charles D. Stewart
  • I Kilt Er Cat, by Virginia Frazer Boyle
  • The Looked-For Man, by Margaret Gilman George
  • The Poet Undone, by John Kendrick Bangs
  • To Her Quill Pen, by Frederick A. Stokes
  • Hans's Hundred Dollars, by Doane Robinson
  • The Smoker in a Tunnel, by Charles Henry Luders
  • The White, White Rose, by William Page Carter