Chronicle of the Grey friars of London/Edwardus Quartus Rex

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Edwardus Quartus Rex.

Pio A°. Thys yere was the erle of Oxenford be-heddyd and other gentylmen.

ij°. A°. Thys yere the towne dech was new cast. And Palmesonday felde. And the towne of Barwyke wanne.

iij°. A°. Thys yere was the sarganttes fest, and the mayer dyned not there, and for be cause that he satt not princypall bothe he and the comyns went a waye at that tyme. And this yere was the battelle of Hexhame felde.

iiij°. A°. Thys yere the qwene was crownyd. And kynge Henry put in to the Towere. And the rose nobyll at xs., the aungell at vjs. viijd.

v°. A°. Thys yere came grete lordes from the londe of Poole and Beame to see thys lond.

vj°. A°. Thys yere a battell in Smythfelde betwene the lorde Scales and the basterd of Burgoyne, and the lorde Scales had the worchyppe of the felde.

vij°. A°. Thys yere was the kynges suster Margaret marryd unto Charles duke of Burgone.

viij°. A°. Thys yere was taken the lorde Harbord and hys brother at Hedgcot felde and both be-heddyd, and the lorde Ryvers and hys sone be-heddyd, and one Stafforde of Soutwyke that was made erle Dennsher be-heddyd also.

ix° A°. Thys yere at Ester the duke of Clarans and the erle of Warwyke flede into France. And Poynes and Alford be-heddyd.

And at Myhylmas the lordes came agayne into Englond and the kynge flede into Hollonde, and kynge Henry put agayne to the crowne. And the erle of Worceter be-heddyd. And the prince borne. And a blacke sterre. And the battelle of Stamford.

x°. A°. Thys yere the kynge came agayne in to Ynglond in Lent, and dyd a battell at Barnet on Ester day, and there was slayne the erle of Warwyke and hys brother markes Montagu, and kyng Henry put agayne into the tower. And a battelle at Teukysbury there was slayne kynge Henrys sone and many other lordes and knyttes. And the basterd Fauconbryge came from the see with hys retenew, [and] wolde have entered the citte, but he was manly defendyd by the cittezens and many of hys men slayne.

xj°. A°. Thys yere in July was borne Richard the kynges ijde sone, and he was made duke of Yorke.

xij°. A°. Thys yere was ordenyd in every warde a payer of stockes; and that yere fifteen women ware ray hoddes.

xiij°. A°. Thys yere was a fray on sent Peteres evyn betwene the kynges servantes and the wache men of the citte of London.

xiiij°. A°. Thys yere the kynge went in to France ward at Mydsomer, and londyd at Callys with a grete armey, and hys host went to Amias, and there spake with the Frenche kynge and there made pece with owte battelle, and the Frenche kynge heldynge[1] yerly xj and soo came home agayne.

xvj.°. A°. Thys yere beganne the reparacions of the walles of the citte of London, and the deches abowte new cast.

xvij°. A°. Thys yere the ducke of Clarans was put to dethe. And the terme deferrd from Ester to Myhylmas be cause of the grete pestelens.

xix. A°. Thys yere the kynges syster duches of Burgone came in to Ynglond to see hare brother. And this yere the kynge taxid sore hys lond.

xxj°. A°. Thys yere the kynge made a grete army into Scotland by hys brother the duke of Glocester, in the wyche viage he wane Barwike. And a gret derth of corne.

xxij.°.A°. Thys yere descecid the kynge [xxij day] in Aperlle enterynge in to the xxiij. yere of hys rayne.

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