Evening Song (Cather)

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Evening Song
by Willa Sibert Cather
From the collection April Twilights. The version below was taken from McClure's Magazine/Volume 29, August 1907, p. 365; it has not been compared with the original version.
Dear love, what thing of all things that be
Is ever worth one thought from you or me,
Save only Love,
Save only Love?
The days so short, the nights so quick to flee,
The world so wide, so deep and dark the sea,
So dark the sea;
So far the sun and every listless star,
Beyond their light — Ah! dear, who knows how far,
Who knows how far?
One thing of all dim things I know is true,
The heart within me knows, and tells it you,
And tells it you.
So blind is life, so lond at last is sleep,
And none but Love to bid us laugh or weep,
And none but Love,
And none but Love.