Executive Order 12711

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Signed by President  George Herbert Walker Bush  Wednesday, April 11, 1990 Federal Register  page & date: 55 FR 13897, Friday, April 13, 1990
See the Notes section for a list of Executive Orders affected by or related to the issuance of this Executive Order.

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, the Attorney General and the Secretary of State are hereby ordered to exercise their authority, including that under the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101-1557), as follows:

Section 1. 

The Attorney General is directed to take any steps necessary to defer until January 1, 1994, the enforced departure of all nationals of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and their dependents who were in the United States on or after June 5, 1989, up to and including the date of this order (hereinafter ‘‘such PRC nationals’’).

Sec. 2. 

The Secretary of State and the Attorney General are directed to take all steps necessary with respect to such PRC nationals
(a) to waive through January 1, 1994, the requirement of a valid passport and
(b) to process and provide necessary documents, both within the United States and at U.S. consulates overseas, to facilitate travel across the borders of other nations and reentry into the United States in the same status such PRC nationals had upon departure.

Sec. 3. 

The Secretary of State and the Attorney General are directed to provide the following protections:
(a) irrevocable waiver of the 2-year home country residence requirement that may be exercised until January 1, 1994, for such PRC nationals;
(b) maintenance of lawful status for purposes of adjustment of status or change of nonimmigrant status for such PRC nationals who were in lawful status at any time on or after June 5, 1989, up to and including the date of this order;
(c) authorization for employment of such PRC nationals through January 1, 1994; and
(d) notice of expiration of nonimmigrant status (if applicable) rather than the institution of deportation proceedings, and explanation of options available for such PRC nationals eligible for deferral of enforced departure whose nonimmigrant status has expired.

Sec. 4. 

The Secretary of State and the Attorney General are directed to provide for enhanced consideration under the immigration laws for individuals from any country who express a fear of persecution upon return to their country related to that country's policy of forced abortion or coerced sterilization, as implemented by the Attorney General's regulation effective January 29, 1990.

Sec. 5. 

The Attorney General is directed to ensure that the Immigration and Naturalization Service finalizes and makes public its position on the issue of training for individuals in F-1 visa status and on the issue of reinstatement into lawful nonimmigrant status of such PRC nationals who have withdrawn their applications for asylum.

Sec. 6. 

The Departments of Justice and State are directed to consider other steps to assist such PRC nationals in their efforts to utilize the protections that I have extended pursuant to this order.

Sec. 7. 

This order shall be effective immediately.

Signature of George H.W. Bush
George Bush 
The White House,
April 11, 1990.


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