For the Tenth Time

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For the Tenth Time (Pela Décima Vez)  (1935) 
by Noel Rosa, translated by Kirsten Weinoldt
Song from 1935. Translation by Kirsten Weinoldt of Brazzil Magazine, 2000

I swore not to love anymore
For the tenth time
I swore not to pardon
What she did to me
The habit is the strength
Which speaks more strongly
Than nature
And makes us test weakness

I threw my cigarette on the floor and stepped on it
Without another one
I picked the same one up and smoked it
Through the smoke
I denied my race
Crying, repeating
She is the poison
That I chose
To die without feeling

I felt that my heart wanted to stop
When I came back
And heard the neighbor talk
That she just out of spite
Carried on with a soldier
Staying there in prison
For the tenth time
She is innocent
Doesn't know what she did.

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