Grimm's Household Tales (Edwardes)

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Grimm's Household Tales
by Brothers Grimm, translated by Edgar Taylor and Marian Edwardes
Other versions: Grimm's Household Tales
Lily And The Lion









There is no need of many words in introducing the old familiar friends of fairy-land, who never fail of a welcome from those, not yet too old to feel the power of their fascination. The following collection of tales has been made in the assurance that, among the younger readers for whom they are intended, the genuine fairy tale is still without a rival, as a source of interest and amusement; as a source of instruction also, might with truth be added, for, apart from the homely wisdom which underlies most fairy tales, there is in several of them a touch of the fable, which, of all forms, is the most acceptable and convincing for the transmittance of moral teaching. The tales from the "Gammer Grethel" series, are given in the version, published in the "Bohn Library" from the admirable translation by Mr Edgar Taylor, which has, for many years past, delighted its readers; the tales from the "Kinder und Hans-Märchen" have been newly translated.

As much variety as possible has been put into the choice of tales, selection for the most part falling on those which are known to be universally acknowledged as favourites; and as such, it is the hope of the Editor, they may continue, under the new garb in which he now presents them to his young friends.



The Golden Goose 1
The Wishing Table, The Gold Ass, and The Cudgel 8
The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage 24
The Fox's Brush 27
The Fisherman and his Wife 39
The Twelve Brothers 47
Briar Rose 56
The Raven 65
Fritz and his Friends 73
The Elfin Grove 79
Bearskin 87
The Jew in the Bush 95
The Robber Bridegroom 101
Ashputtel 107
The Three Spinning Fairies 118
Rumpel-Stilts-Ken 122
Madam Holle 126
The Nose-Tree 131
The Goose Girl 141
King Grizzle-Beard 151
The Man in the Bag 158
The Forbidden Room 163
Karl Katz 169
The Changeling 177
Hans in Luck 178
The Bear and the Skrattel 186
Tom Thumb 198
Snow-Drop 206
The Four Crafts-Men 216
Cat-skin 224
Jorinda and Jorindel 233
Thumbling the Dwarf and Thumbling the Giant 238
The Juniper Tree 246
The Water of Life 258
The Blue Light 267
The Water Fairy 273
The Three Crows 283
The Frog-Prince 288
The Elves and the Cobbler 292
Cherry the Frog-Bride 295
The Dancing Shoes 305
The Brave Little Tailor 311
Giant Golden-Beard 319
Pee-Wit 327
Hansel and Grethel 333
Lily and the Lion 345
Donkey-Wort 355
The King of the Golden Mountain 364
The Two Brothers 373

List of Illustrations

Lily and the Lion .... Frontispiece
Headpiece—Preface . . .vii
Tailpiece—Preface .....viii
Headpiece—Contents ....ix
Tailpiece—Contents ....xi
Headpiece—List of Illustrations xiii
Headpiece—The Golden Go1ose .... 1
The Golden Goose ..... 3
Tailpiece—The Golden Goose .... 7
Headpiece—The Wishing Table, the Gold Ass, and The Cudgel 8
The Wishing Table, the Gold Ass, and the Cudgel 15
Headpiece The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage 24
Headpiece The Fox's Brush 27
The Princess going to the Bath 33
Tailpiece The Fox's Brush 38

Headpiece The Fisherman and his Wife . . . 29
Tailpiece The Fisherman and his Wife . . , 46
Headpiece The Twelve Brothers . . . .47
The Princess on the branches of a tree . . . 53
Tailpiece The Twelve Brothers .... 55
Headpiece Briar Rose ..... 56
Briar Rose ...... 60
The Prince . . . . . . 6 1
Headpiece The Raven ..... 65
The Princess in the Castle . . . .72
Headpiece Fritz and his Friends . . . 73
Tailpiece Fritz and his Friends . . . 7 8
Headpiece The Elfin Grove . . . .79
Headpiece Bearskin . . . . .87
Bearskin and the Devil . . . . .92
Headpiece The Jeiv in the Bush ... 95
The Jeiv in the Bush . . . . .97
Headpiece The Robber Bridegroom . . . To I
Tailpiece The Robber Bridegroom . Io6
Headpiece Asbputtel . . . . 1 07
Ashputtel . . . . .113
Headpiece The Three Spinning Fairies . . 1 1 8
Headpiece Rumpel-Stilts-Ken . . . .122
Headpiece Madam Holle . .. . 126
Tailpiece Madam Holle . . . . 1 30
Headpiece The Nose Tree . .131
The Princess and the Soldier . . . .135
Headpiece The Goose Girl . . . .141
The true Princess and Curdken . . , .147

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