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ePub and other formats[edit]

Having just got an ebook reader, I'd like to download some books, but I'd prefer ePub format to PDF as it's more flexible. I'm surprised not to find a choice of output formats for books. Doing a bit of googling I see there is a Wikimedia extension called ePubExport so it can't be a huge job to provide it.

Are there plans, or is there a policy not to include it? Chris55 (talk) 07:48, 13 May 2011 (UTC)

Bug? Update[edit]

2014-06-04 - From PediaPress Helpdesk
Wikisource uses the "proofread extension" which is incompatible with our book output.
The failed output can easily be spotted when previewing your title and so far, we never had any orders from Wikisource.
Best, Christoph
PediaPress Customer Service


I was creating a pdf version of some "featured books" and the resulting output didn't have any text in it. All page content were missing, save page titles and contributor names. I tried many books and all resulted in the same output. Even firing up the book creator and adding pages manually didn't help.

The book I tried: On The Origin of Species The one that worked: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

  • I found the reason. The book compiling tool takes the text from the page itself (you can see it if you click the edit button). The text for Julius Caesar is in the wiki editing page itself, while the text for On the Origin of the Species is extracted from a .djvu file. The book compiling tool can't see the rendering of the .djvu. It's a bug or a programming oversight.

Book creator[edit]

Where has chapter function and change article order gone?