High Barbaree

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Versions of
High Barbaree
The Coast of High Barbary is a ballad that can also be a sea chanty which was popular among British and American sailors. It tells the story of a sailing ship that came across a pirate ship and defeated the pirates who were left to drown.

An earlier version of the ballad is found in the Stationers’ Register for January 14th, 1595 and tells the fate of two merchant ships, the George Aloe and the Sweepstake both sailing to Safee. While the George Aloe was resting at anchor the Sweepstake sailed on, then a French ship attacked the Sweepstake and threw the crew overboard. The George Aloe chased and defeated the French ship whose crew were shown no mercy because of the fate of the crew of the Sweepstake. — Excerpted from Coast of High Barbaree on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Versions of High Barbaree include: