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Historical Library (1st century BCE) 
by Diodorus Siculus, translated by George Booth
Bibliotheca historica ("Historical Library"), is a work of Universal history by Diodorus Siculus. It consisted of forty books, which were divided into three sections. The first six books are geographical in theme, and describe the history and culture of Egypt (book I), of Mesopotamia, India, Scythia, and Arabia (II), of North Africa (III), and of Greece and Europe (IV - VI). In the next section (books VII - XVII), he recounts the history of the World starting with the Trojan War, down to the death of Alexander the Great. The last section (books XVII to the end) concerns the historical events from the successors of Alexander down to either 60 BC or the beginning of Caesar's Gallic War in 45 BC. — Excerpted from Bibliotheca historica on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Translation by G. Booth (1814)