Hockey: Canada's Royal Winter Game/The Shamrock Hockey Club of Montreal

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Hockey: Canada's Royal Winter Game by Arthur Farrell
The Shamrock Hockey Club of Montreal

Montreal Shamrocks Club 1899.png



THE history of the Shamrock Hockey Club is the briefest of any senior club in Canada. Obtaining their franchise from the old Crystals they were admitted in 1894 into the A.H.A. of Canada.

After struggling for four years against the difficulties which stand in the way of a new team that aspires to the senior championship the Shamrocks at last won the proud title and the coveted Stanley Cup.

The team which won the championship of the Dominion last winter was perhaps the most scientific combination of players that ever played the game.

The names of the players of this team and their positions were as follows:—

J. McKenna Goal
F. Tansey Point
F. Wall Cover point
H. Trihey Captain
J. Brannan, \scriptstyle{


\ \\ \ 

\right\}\, }  
A Farrell, Forwards
F. Scanlan,
 A. Mackerrow