I found in Innisfail the fair

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I found in Innisfail the fair
by Flann Fina mac Ossu
Work attributed to Flann Fina mac Ossu, i.e. King Aldfrith of Northumbria. From the Book of Leinster, translation by James Clarence Mangan, John Mitchel in Poems (1859). Source http://books.google.com/books?id=cucFAAAAQAAJ

I found in Innisfail the fair,
in Ireland while in exile there,
women of worth, both grave and gay men,
many clerics and many laymen.

I travelled its fruitful provinces round,
and in every one of the five I found,
alike in church and in palace hall,
abundant apparel, and food for all.

Gold and silver I found, and money,
plenty of wheat and plenty of honey;
I found God's people rich in pity,
found many a feast and many a city.

I also found in Armagh, the splendid.
meekness, wisdom, and prudence blended,
fasting, as Christ hath recommended,
and noble councillors untranscended.

I found in each great church moreo'er,
whether on island or on shore,
piety, learning, fond affection,
holy welcome and kind protection.

I found the good lay monks and brothers
ever beseeching help for others,
and in their keeping the Holy Word,
pure as it came from Jesus the Lord.

I found in Munster, unfettered by any,
kings and queens and poets a many—
poets well skilled in music and measure,
prosperous doings, mirth and pleasure.

I found in Connaught the just, redundance
of riches, milk in lavish abundance;
hospitality, vigour, fame,
in Cruachan's land of heroic name.

I found in the country of Conall the glorious,
bravest heroes, ever victorious;
fair complection men and warlike,
Ireland's lights, the high, the star-like!

I found in Ulster, from hill to glen,
hardy warriors, resolute men;
beauty that bloomed when youth was gone,
and strength transmitted from sire to son.

I found in the noble district of Boyle
[line illegible]
Brehons, Erenachs, weapons bright,
and horsemen bold and sudden in fight.

I found in Leinster the smooth and sleek,
from Dublin to Slewmargy's peak,
flourishing pastures, valour, health,
long-living worthies, commerce, wealth.

I found besides, from Ara to Glea,
in the broad rich country of Ossory,
sweet fruits, good laws for all and each,
great chess-players, men of truthful speech.

I found in Meath's fair principality,
virtue, vigour, and hospitality,
candour, joyfulness, bravery, purity,
Ireland's bulwark and security.

I found strict morals in age and youth,
I found historians recording truth;
the things I sing of in verse unsmooth,
I found them all—I have written sooth.