Letter from Pabi to Akhnaton

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Letter from Pabi to Akhnaton  (1912) , translated by Robert Williams Rogers
Believed to be related to the Amarna letters, this letter was found at Lachish. It was published in Cuneiform Parallels to the Old Testament.

To the Great One, thus speaks Pabi, at your feet do I fall.

You must know that Shipti-Ba'al and Zimrida are conspiring, and Shipti-Ba'al has said to Zimrida "My father of the city Yarami has written to me: give me six bows, three daggers and three swords. If I take the field against the land of the king and you march at my side, I shall surely conquer. He who makes this plan is Pabi. Send him before me."

Now have I sent you Rapha-el. He will bring to the Great man intelligence concerning the matter.