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Library Illustrative of Social Progress by Henry Thomas Buckle
v. I & II: Exhibition of Female Flagellants
Given publication date of 1777, in later republication
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MERE ſiſtion ſays Clariſſa, cloſing the Faſhionable Leiſures, which ſhe had been juſt reading, ridiculous nonſence! What, my dear ? ſaid Flirtilla, turning round ſrom her toilet. Is it poſſible, my dear, ſaid the firſt lady, that men delight in being whipped by a woman ? Very true, indeed, ſaid Flirtilla; and what you may think as extraordinary, many of your own ſex take as great delight in whipping children ; and when they are not in the way they make each other feel the tingling pleaſures of a birch rod.

If you doubt my aſſertion, I will bring you proof poſitive and the very lady will be of our tea-party this evening. if you ſhould not credit her testimony, my aſſertion ſhall be ſtrengthened by that of two ladies old practitioners in this mode of pleaſure. This paſſion, or whim, in woman, is of older birth than you can imagine ; and as the ſair hand and arm oſ a lady is a principal object in the ſcene, I ſhall turn to Mrs. Behn's glowing deſcription of one of her favourite ladies : " The beautiful colour and proportion of your arm is inimitable, and your hand is dazzling, fine, ſmall, and plump ! long-pointed fingers delicately turned ; dimpled on the ſnowy outſide, but adorned within with roſe, all over the ſoft palm. O, Iris ! nothing equals your fair hand that hand, of which Love ſo often makes ſuch uſe to draw his bow, when he would ſend the arrow home with more ſucceſs ; and which irreſiſtibly wounds thoſe, who poſſibly have not yet ſeen your eyes : and when you have been veiled, that lovely hand has gained you a thouſand adorers ! and I have heard Damon ſay, without the aid of more beauties, that alone had been ſufficient to have made an abſolute conqueſt o'er his ſoul. And he has often vowed it never touched him but it made his blood run with little irregular motions in his veins, his breath beat ſhort and double, his bluſhes riſe, and his very ſoul dance ! "

There, my dear ! there's a charming deſcription for you ! What magic in every ſentence ! What genius -could ſoar beyond it ? Is there a heart exiſting but would bound with rapture on ſeeing ſuch a hand exerciſe a rod ? Bleſs me, ſaid Clariſla, you talk as iſ you were as ſond of the ſport as the moſt enthu- ſiaſtic of them. I confeſs it freely, ſaid Flirtilla, I am ſond of it to exceſs, when the object inflames my blood and adminiſters it with irreſiſtible grace ! Grace ! grace ! ſaid Clariſſa ; I proteſt I cannot comprehend your meaning. Know, then, thou ſilly girl, there is a manner in handling this ſceptre of felicity that few ladies are happy in : it is not the impaſſioned and awkward brandiſh of a vulgar ſemale that can charm, but the deliberate and elegant manner of a woman of rank and faſhion, who diſplays all that dignity in every action, even to the flirting of her fan, that leaves an indelible wound. What a difference between high and low life in this particular! To ſee a vulgar woman, when provoked by her children, ſeize them as a tyger would a lamb, rudely expoſe their poſteriors, and correct them with an open hand, or a rod more like a broom than a neat collection of twigs elegantly tied together ; while a well-bred lady coolly and deliberately brings her child or pupil to taſk ; and when in error, ſo as to deſerve puniſhment, commands the incorrigible Miſs to bring her the rod, go on her knees, and beg, with uplifted hands, an excellent whipping; which ceremony gone through, ſhe commands her to lye acroſs her lap, or to mount on her maid's moulders ; and then, with the lovelieſt hands imaginable, removes every impediment from the whimpering lady's b----e ; who, all the time, with tears and intreaties of the ſweeteſt kind, implores her dear mother or governeſs to pardon her ; all which the lovely diſciplinarian liſtens to with the utmoſt delight running over with rapture, at the ſame time, thoſe white angelic orbs, that in a few minutes the crimſons as deep as the fineſt roſe, with a well-exerciſed and elegantly-handled rod !

Miſs B ge n, a corpulent but handſome woman, with whom I paſſed many pleaſant hours at Briſtol Hot Wells, was paſſionately fond of this exerciſe.. Her ſtory has ſomewhat very ſingular in it.

She had been addreſſed, under the age of ſive-and-twenty, by an officer of Cavalry, who, when he had brought matters to a cloſure, boaſted of favours ſhe had granted him, of ſuch a complexion, that ſhe renounced him and all his ſex for ever. No woman can hold the monſter, man, in greater abhorrence, and ſhe has the moſt ſmgular mode of retaliating upon the ſex you have ever heard of. It made me ſtare with aſtoniſhment

Sitting with her one evening, a ſmart youth, her nephew, between twelve and ſourteen years old, and too big, as I imagined, for chaſliſement ſrom a woman, entered the room crying, with a complaint againſl his ſiſter, who was a great ſavourite with the lady : ſhe brought them ſace to ſace, and it clearly appeared he was the aggreſſor. Miſs B. diſmiſſed the young lady, and riſing ſrom her chair, ſhe brought a rod ſrom a drawer, and, with the utmoſt coolneſs, commanded him to ſtrip. The boy, well acquainted, we may ſuppoſe, with her temper, uſed no entreaties for pardon, and though I imagined he could, ſrom his ſize, get the better of her in a ſtruggle, yet he never uſed any, but with ſeeming pleaſure unbuttoned his breeches ; and, walking undaunted up to her, ſhe pulled them down to his heels, and inſlantly ſtretched him along the ſopha, where ſhe whipped him with a ſeverity I had never ſeen beſore ; and what amazed me was, the boy would not acknowledge himſelf in error to the laſt ; and aroſe with more pleaſure in his countenance than anguiſh.

As ſoon as he had gone out of the room, I told her my ſurpriſe at his intrepidity ; and ſhe aſiured me ſhe could never get a tear ſrom him, though he had been ſeverely whipped once or twice by his ſchoolmaſter, and cried even on his return home. Depend upon it, ſaid I, this boy is ſond of being whipped by a woman. She ſaid ſhe could not think ſo, for ſhe had whipped him with ſuch ſeverity at all times, that it muſt have given him more pain than pleaſure. Why, yes, replied I, ſrom your manner of exerciſmg the rod, I am convinced you whip with ſeverity; and I think, at the ſame time, you take a very particular pleaſure in this buſineſs.

I have been now uſed to it for ſome years, ſaid ſhe ; and what will ſurpriſe you, my dear girl, I got ſuch applauſe ſrom a lady not long ago, who had been preſent at a ſimilar ſcene, that as ſoon as the boy left the room, ſhe embraced me, and preſſing my hand with tranſport, begged I would ſuffer her to repreſent my niece.

I could not conceive what ſhe was at till ſhe dropped on her knees, implored, with dreaming eyes (for ſhe abſolutely cried), ſorgiveneſs ſrom her dear aunt for inſulting her, and declaring ſhe would never oſſend me again. All the time ſhe was on her knees ſhe was kiſſmg my hand with greater ecſtacy than it had ever been kiſſed beſore. Still I thought ſhe imitated the child, and was in jeſt, till ſhe ſinding me tardy, or rather, ignorant of her meaning bounced away to the table where I had placed the rod, and, putting it into my hand, begged ſorgiveneſs in the ſame lunatic manner.

She had gone too ſar now for me to be ignorant any longer of her meaning ; ſo I inſtantly got up, put on an air of auſterity and paſſion ; raiſed her clothes above her waiſt ; and, having ſtretched her along the ſopha, I made her caper under the rod for full ten minutes, with ſhort intermiſſions, which aroſe ſrom her ſrequently ſeizing hold of the rod, kiſſing my hand, looking up to me with tears, begging earneſtly ſorgiveneſs, and every other extravagance that children uſe in the ſame ſituation.

As ſoon as ſhe was done, and when I thought ſhe had recovered her ſenſes, I importuned her to tell me the ſirſt riſe of ſuch an extraordinary whim.

She told me ſhe was placed under the tuition of a beautiſul French Governeſs a ſhort while aſter her arrival ſrom the Weſt Indies (for ſhe was a Creole), and this Gallic lady ſrequently exerciſed the rod on her, but in ſuch a manner that ſhe abſolutely grew ſond of it ; and ere ſhe had been her pupil one year, they admiſtered it almoſt every day on both ſides ; and ſhe could never ſee a woman of elegance, with a hand and arm ſhe liked, without wiſhing and ſeeking the pleaſure ſrom her.

Upon my honour, Miſs B., ſaid I, you muſt then have been one of her firſt ſavourites, for you are not only bleſſed with one of the moſt bewitching perſons, and the ſweeteſt expreſſion of ſeature, but you may challenge the ſemale world, and come oſſ the victor, in exhibiting your ſnowy hand and arm, and the plump beauties of your boſom !

Do you really think ſo, my dear ? ſaid ſhe, with a magic ſmile, looking at her hand, and turning a beautiſul brilliant ring which ſhe then wore.

To convince you I am ſerious, I will eſteem it a particular ſavour to taſte the ſame felicity ſrom your hands this moment.

Heavens ! my dear, you jeſt.

No, upon my honour, I do not ; and to convince you I am ſerious, I will go into the next room ſrom which place you muſt bring me to the ſopha finding me idling there, and uſe me as you did your nephew juſt now.

And were you mad enough, ſaid Clariſſa, to go through this torture ?

Rapture ! Rapture ! my ſweet girl call it by no other term. The moment I ſaw her enter the room, where ſhe caught me romping by myſelf, and felt her ſoſt angelic hand catch hold of my arm to bring me to the ſopha, my blood mantled within me as if I had been in a ſever : but there was another charm about her that enraptured me, which was her dreſs : for dreſs certainly heightens this pleaſure with both ſexes. This evening we were both engaged to go to a ball, and ſhe had dreſſed herſelf in a very elegant manner. To be brieſ, my dear girl, I was whipped by this lovely woman, not only then, but ſeveral times ſince, in ſuch a charming manner, that I ſhall never think of her but with the utmoſt delight ; and there is not a lady who was aſterwards of our ſociety, or whipping academy, but was delighted with her manner ; and ſhe herſelf, beſore ſhe had whipped me a third time, took a liking to the ſport ſrom my hands, and was as much in love with it.

She had the prettied manner of tying a rod, and ſelected the niceſt twigs that ever you ſaw. And now that I recollect, I proteſt I can ſhew you one of them ſhe gave me to remember her, the very laſt time I had the happineſs of being in her company.

Here it is, ſaid Flirtilla, tied, by her own magic hand, with a pink ribbon ; and now, that I am in the humour, you ſhall exerciſe it on me i

You are a ſine ſhowy girl ; and I think this lovely hand of yours would do honour to the rod ! Come, my dear Clariſſa, don't reſuſe me.

I am aſraid I ſhall be a bungler, ſaid the bluſhing charmer ; I never whipped any one in my liſe.

Come, then, ſaid Flirtilla, you ſhall turn up ; and ſrom the ſpecimen you taſte.ſrom my hands, you will know how to act.

O fie ! ſaid Clariſſa, upon my honour you ſhall not liſt my clothes indeed, ſaid the fair one ſtruggling, you ſhall not. For Heaven's ſake, Flirtilla, let me alone ! I won't be whipped, upon my honour.

Then you muſt prove yourſelf the ſtronger of the two, ſaid Flirtilla, who had by this time not only carried her into her bed-chamber, but had her ſtretched upon the bed.

Upon my honour, ſaid Flirtilla, I'll only tickle you as if you were a child ſo keep your legs ſtill till I raiſe your petticoats.

You ſhan't raiſe them! laid ClariſTa, plunging. I will raile them, ſaid Flirtilla, I am reſolved ; and with a little more ſtruggling, the whole proſpect was as much in view as Eve's in the garden oi Eden. You ſee, ſaid Flirtilla, I am as good as my word, and your pretty a--e ſhall ſeel, too, what a ſtep-mother can do to a bold girl ! yes, my pretty Miſs, you ſhall, I am determined. Flirtilla exerciſed the rod, with ſome pauſes and admonitions, for a ſull quarter of an hour, which Clariſſa bore with teeming pleaſure ; and roſe to take it in hand perſectly well pleaſed.

She inſtantly, by deſire, aſſumed the character of Flirtilla's Governeſs, and having ſtretched her, with ſome ſeeming reluctant ſtruggles on the part of Flirtilla, on the bed, ſhe uncovered to the waiſt the plumpeſt, ſaireſt, and moſt beautiſul poſteriors that ever charmed mankind. Clariſſa herſelf ſtood entranced at the lovely view, and ſuſpended the rod, till Flirtilla, impatient for the delightſul combat, cried out like a terriſied child, O, my dear, lovely Governeſs, ſorgive me! Dont whip me this time, pray don't! you'll ſind me an excellent girl in ſuture ; and I'll never deſerve a whipping ſrom your lovely hand ! Indeed, I won't. In this manner me continued to implore ſorgiveneſs, kicking and plunging the whole time, till Clariſſa was almoſt weary tickling her with the rod.

She then got up, embraced her, and vowed me would not reſt till me introduced her to her whipping intimates, as me had proved herſelf an excellent diſciplinarian with the rod.

That evening, ſaid Clariſſa (ſrom whoſe manuſcripts and converſation theſe anecdotes are collected), Flirtilla introduced me to Lady Caroline, who received me with every mark of high-breeding, and inſiſted on my ſupping with her. There were but ſour of her teaparty remained to ſupper viz., Flirtilla, Lady Caroline, Mademoiſelle Boc e, and myſelf.

We had not been halſ-an-hour by ourſelves, when Flirtilla, with an archness peculiar to herſelf, introduced me to Lady Caroline as her ſtep-daughter juſt arrived ſrom a boarding-ſchool ; and, looking ſigniſicantly at Ma'emoiſelle, You are in ſuture, ſaid me, my dear woman, to ſuperintend and ſiniſh her education. I have had her under my care ſome time, and aſſure you Hie is an excellent girl, particularly aſter a good whipping, which I have given her ſometimes. My dear Lady Caroline, I hope you will excuſe me. She is now under your dominion : I have complied with your requeſt in bringing her home, and I doubt not but the young lady will ſind a tender and an aſſectionate ſtep-mother in you. I ſhall treat her according to her deſerts, I aſſare you, ſaid Lady Caroline. I have held it an unpardonable crime, when a girl deſerves chaſtiſement, to withhold the rod ; and I aſſure you, upon my honour, it gives me particular pleaſure to exerciſe it on unruly boys and girls. I am to the ſull as ſond of whipping bold children as the lovely Mrs. E .

She has a moſt bewitching manner indeed, ſaid Ma'emoiſelle, and I know none but your ladyſhip that excels her.

Pardon me, my lovely woman, ſaid Lady Caroline, you leave all our ſex at a conſiderable diſtance when you have an object you admire under correction.

How have I ſeen my little brother, your pupil, whom you conſeſs to be paſlionatcly ſond of whipping, gaze on you with rapture, during the many ſtruggles you have had, letting down his trouſers! Who could behold unmoved the brilliancy of your eyes, the lovely caſt of your ſeatures, the fall of your ſhoulders and the riſing of your boſom, elegant as a Grecian Venus! You remember my compliment when you firſt charmed me with the rod in the character of a governeſs.

All things around with beams of beauty ſhine And roſes ſpring beneath your feet divine ; What awſul luſtre lightens ſrom your ſace ! Which proves thee, charmer, of celeſtial race very pretty indeed, ſaid Flirtilla, and admirably well applied. But, pray, who is this Mrs. E you mentioned juſt now ; I never heard of her beſore ?

Mrs E was bred in a convent. Her parents were Roman Catholics, and having no daughter but her, they ſooliſhly imagined a convent education ſar ſuperior to any this country could boaſt. There ſhe lived till ſhe had gained her ſive-and-twentieth year, at which time her father died, and ſhe ſound herſelf in poſſesion of twenty-ſive thouſand pounds. At the importunities of a ***tond mother, who went to ſee her once every year, ſhe viſited England, and being a girl of good ſortune it is not to be wondered at that ſhe had a crowd of admirers. In her viſits. ſhe was very much taken with that part of a widower's family that in general is found moſt diſagreeable, at leaſt to young ladies, hi*** duiarcn. She obſerved they were indulged by a weak ſather in everything, and were conſequently very diſobedient and unruly. Upon this gentleman, though verging on forty, ſhe fixed her aſſections, and being a woman of ungovernable ſpirit, ſhe was happy to ſind him an eaſy puſillanimous creature. The ***rnatch was ſcarcely mentioned when it was concluded on, and in a ſew days, after, ſhe ſound herſelf in the ſeat of empire in his houſe. She had ſix little ſubjects to govern, three oſ which were then at ſchool in Herefordſhire, which were inſtantiy ordered home, as ſhe ſaid ſhe would undertake to finiſh their education, which, indeed, was in her power, for ſhe was a very ſenſible woman ; but that was not her intent altogether. It was the boys that were ordered ſrom ſchool, who ſeemed very happy in leaving a place ſo irkſome to youth in general ; but they had only eſcaped a male for a ſemale flagellator.

As ſoon as ſhe was married, ſhe discharged all the ſervants, and hired a ſet of her own chooſing ; and among the reſt, she took care to engage a French lady for her own woman, whoſe diſpoſition ſhe knew would juſt ſuit her.

Mrs. E was of the firſt order of beauty ; had a noble perſon, ſine turned limbs, good (kin, ſine blue eyes, as brilliant as Venus', and when not ruſſled by paſſion, was certainly very captivating. If ſhe but ſtepped acroſs the room, ſhe diſcovered uncommon dignity and elegance, and every motion expreſſed that Je ne ſais quoi an elegant French woman is ſo idolized for. In ſhort, my dear, I never think of her without exclaiming with the Poet

O, with what bloom, what flower of youth ſhe ſhone !
How her cheeks bluſh'd a colour all her own
A genuine red, like roſes newly blown !
With her what woman could pretend to vie
A whiter ſorehead, or a lovelier eye ?

Whoſe ſrame was like the world, an eloquent ſoul
Spoke in each part, and ſparkl'd thro' the whole ;
Each ***lib did wanton Loves and Graces bear :
There lodg'd their arms, their bows and arrows there.

Though this whipping paſſion was inextinguiſhable within her, yet (he was never obſerved to take the rod in hand without ſome oſſence to occaſion it. She was convinced where there was ſuch a number of children, and they ungovernable, many bickerings would ariſe, which would give her an opportunity to amuſe herſelf with the rod. The firſt that gave her occaſion to handle the rod was a boy of ſeven years old, who was ſo ſtupid at a leſſon ſhe gave him, that ſhe was reſolved to try the effects of birch on his poſteriors.

Her French woman was ordered to bring an excellent rod, which ſhe had no sooner done, than ſhe proceeded to exerciſe it ; but ſhe ſound the boy too ſtrong for her. The maid inſtantly whips oſſ her garters, and, with the aſiiſtance of her miſtress, ties his hands behind him ; and then they ſound him manageable enough. They inſtantly unbuttoned his breeches, and let them down to his knees ; and, having placed him acroſs his mother's lap, and the woman holding his legs, his mother whipped him till the twigs ſlew about the room.

This was the firſt ſample of her ſeverity with the rod ſhe gave ſince ſhe was married ; and it made ſuch an impreſſion on the reſt of the children, that they trembled in her preſence. A ſew hours aſter the boy was complaining, with tears, of her treatment to his eldeſt ſiſter, who advised him to burn the rod the ſirſt opportunity. This was overheard by the maid, who inſormed her lady of the aſſair. The young lady was ſummoned to the parlour, where ſhe denied the ſact:, was comronted by the maid, and ***horſed by her in an inſtant. The lady made as tree with Miſs's lovely ***IDe as with her brother's ; and convinced her ſhe met with a mother ſond to exceſs ol exerciſing the rod.

Wherever this lady viſited me was called by the children the ſchool-miſtreſs, and they dreaded the ſight of her. In my viſits, ſaid Lady Caroline, I had heard much talk of this lady, and was ſo pleaſed with what I heard, that I ſoon got not only into her company, but ſormed a friendship that has continued to this day.

The firſt time I had the pleaſure of beholding this lovely woman at the exerciſe we are ſo fond of was at her country-houſe, where I ſpent the happieſt month of my liſe. A lovely girl, her ſtep-daughter (whose beauties I ſirmly believe ſhe envied), made her an impertinent anſwer as we three ſat at work in the ſaloon. The mother did not ſay a ſentence in reply, but inſlantly leſt the room, and returning in leſs than a minute, with a neat rod in her hand, ſhe commanded Miſs to lie acroſs her lap, who inſtantly, with diſdain pictured in her countenance, complied. I ſat directly oppoſite the young lady's poſterior proſpect, and proteſl to you, upon my honour, when her mother liſted her clothes to her middle, and diſplayed the ſeat of beauty, I think I never beheld anything ſo lovely. She whipped her very ſmartly, and I affirm no eyes in the world could ſparklc with more tranſport than the lady's during the whole of the puniſhment.

This obſervation led me to think this lovely woman one of its in the higheſt ſenſe, and the inſtant Miſs leſt the room, which was in a ſew minutes, I requeſted to know if I was right

She denied it for ſome time, and bluſhed exceedingly. I am certain, ſaid I, my dear creature, if I was one of your daughters, you would tell me another ſtory, and I could read in your eyes during your whole proceeding with Maria what I aſſert. You are afraid to truſt me with the ſecret, I plainly perceive, but I will truſt you with as great a one on my part. Know then, thou angelic woman, ſaid I, kiſſing her lovely hand, it would be my higheſt felicity to be whipped by you this moment!

Are you really ſerious? ſaid me.

Do not procraſtinate this bliſs, for heaven's ſake, my charming friend, but aſſume the character of my oſſended governante inſtantly.

To be brieſ, my dear girls, this beautiſul woman that moment confeſſed her paſſion, and I never was ſo enraptured as through the whole of her puniſhment, which me told me me would inflict pretty ſmartly, and every ſtroke of which convinced me of the truth of her aſſertion.

I remember ſhe told me a remarkable ſtory of a lady ſhe was intimate with, who was an excellent hand at exerciſing a birch-rod.

The late Lord L., when very young, was ſo pleaſed with the exerciſe of the rod, that he courted the felicity ſrom the hands of his mother's maid repeatedly. This giddy girl happened to mention this circumſtance to a baronet's lady (her late miſtreſs), who was of ſo avaricious a diſpoſition, that ſhe inſtantly conceived a notion of adding ſomething considerable to her purſe, by taking proper notice of this ſecret.

Fluſh with the idea, ſhe managed to have an interview with him that evening at her house, by ſending for him to ſpend the evening with her daughter.

When he arrived he was ſurpriſed to ſind none of the ſamily, above thoſe of the kitchen, at home.

The youth was about this period twelve years old, and the lady about thirty. She was by no means handſome, yet ſhe poſſeſſed thoſe requiſites whipping gentlemen and ladies idolize ſo highly. She was tall, and very luſty, had a quick black eye, a neat ; plump, white hand and arm, and was in her nature as well as appearance as proud as any woman the lovers of birch would deſire to exerciſe the rod.

He had not ſat ten minutes when ſhe handed him a book to read to her : it was Milton's Paradiſe Loſt, which at that age he could read but ſo ſo. She took the book out of his hand, and looking ſull in his eyes with an air of auſterity, told him if he was her ſon ſhe would inſtantly let down his breeches and whip him well

At that moment (as he expreſlſed himſelf after to her) the blood boiled in his veins, and he ſelt himſelf in a blaze. She ſaw his ſituation, and taking him by the hand, aſked him how he ſhould like to be under her tuition? He replied in the negative. Come, come, ſaid ſhe, ſeating him on her lap, I know you would like it vaſtly, I can read it in your eyes ! Confeſs now, you bold boy, would not you like to ſee me take the rod in hand, make you go upon your knees and beg a whipping, and then let me ſtrip your breeches to your heels! Her manner of enſorcing this confeſſion was ſuch, that ſhe declared he inſtantly diſcloſed the ſecret. He frankly owned the whole, and ſhe immediately conducted him to her dreſſing room.

When ſhe got him in ſhe locked the door: then made him bring a rod ſhe had in readineſs, which he put in her hand. She then held a long converſation with him on his knees, on his many crimes, and deliberately let down his breeches to his heels ; ſhe then laid him acroſs her lap, and aſter removing his ſhirt above his waiſt, made uſe of all the tricks ſhe had heard gentlemen were fond of who loved the rod, ſuch as ſettling him on her knee, handling his b----e, at the ſame time pulling his breeches lower, tucking in his ſhirt, and talking of the ladies who ſpare the rod and ſpoil the child, bidding him at the ſame time prepare for ſomething very delicious ſrom her hand, for nothing was half ſo pleaſmg to her as exerciſmg a rod on a bold boy's b----e. She then held him full with one hand round the middle, and whipped him with the rod ſo ſeverely that he was obliged to cry aloud. She gave him a dozen ſtrokes every ſpell, then argued with him, and never remitted of the ſeverity of her whipping the whole time, which was about a quarter of an hour.

It is an undoubted ſact, that that woman who uſes the rod with moſl ſeverity, keeps her culprits down, and every way treat them as tho they were in fact bold children, not only gives the moſt pleaſure, but makes ſuch an impreſtion, that they have the higheſt veneration for them ; and ladies who have exerciſed the rod mod, like a levere mother, governeſs, ſtepmother, &c., have retained their lovers as long as they liave poſſeſſed any charms of ſace or perſon ; while thoſe, however beautiſul, who are not as deep (killed in the myſtery, never keep a lover for more than two or three whippings at moſt. This lady was deep in the lecret, and ſhe profited by it, for his lordſhip was very liberal to her to the day of his death.

I am certain, ladies, you agree in what I have advanced ; I am not the only perſon that has made this declaration.

You are very right, my dear, ſaid Ma'emoiſelle ; it is a very general obſervation, believe me ; and, I am ſure, all my pupils will bear teſtimony to my conduct in this.

I will, for one, upon my honour, ſaid Lady Caroline ; and I for another, ſaid Flirtilla.

But, now I think of it, ſaid Lady Caroline, turning to Flirtilla, and putting on an air of authority, pray,. Mil's, do you know this letter ? (pulling one ſrom her pocket), No, indeed, Ma'am, ſaid Flirtilla, ſeemingly much embarraſſed. Are you certain of it ? ſaid Lady Caroline, taking her by the hand and looking ſull m her eyes. Yes, upon my honour, my dear Mamma, ſaid Flirtilla.

"Well, ſaid Mademoiſelle, you are the moſt confident little baggage I ever knew. I ſound this ſeal in your own room, and it correſponds with the impreſtion on the letter. You have been ſtriving for ſome time to breed a quarrel between Miſs Bloomd and your Mamma ; and you would have effected it if I had not been ſortunate enough to ſecure this abuſive letter this morning in your own room.

Very well, Miſs, ſaid Lady Caroline, riſing ſrom her chair with great hauteur, and leaving the room.

My dear Ma'emoiſelle, ſaid Flirtilla, dropping on her knees, pray get me pardoned this time, and I'll love you while I live.

No, ſaid Ma'emoiſelle, I will not interſere, I aſſure you ; you deſerve to be well whipped, and I hope ſhe will not ſpare the rod. I wiſh ſhe would deliver you over to my correction. I promiſe you I would make an excellent uſe of the rod.

At the expiration of about ten minutes, Lady Caroline entered with the inſtrument of pleaſure in her hand. But it was not that that detained her ſo long. Flirtilla, who idolized Lady Caroline's hand and arm, could not bear to ſee it hold the rod without the ornaments of pearls, bracelets, a wedding and diamond rings. Her boſom and neck were ſet oſſ in the ſame manner ; and her legs and ſeet, which were elegantly ſormed, were as beautiſully embelliſhed with the neateſt ſilk ſhoes and brilliant buckles of the firſt ſaſhion. But the following is the beſt picture of this bewitching woman :

Come, Miſs, ſaid Lady Caroline ; come here to me this minute, till you and I ſettle accounts. It is ſome days ſince you tailed a rod from my hands ; and, I remember, you then promiled me you would not deſerve a whipping as long as you'd live. Horſe her this moment, Ma'emoiſelle ; and, I am ſure, this good lady will take a particular pleaſure in holding up the clothes of ſo bold a girl.

O, Mamma ! O, Ma'emoiſelle ! my dear, dear Ma'emoiſelle, don't horse me ! Upon my honour, I'll be a good girl in future, ſaid Flirtilla, repeatedly. Keep her up tight, Ma'emoiſelle, ſaid Lady Caroline ; I have her expoſed now to my wiſh, and ſhe ſhall ſeel the rod pretty ſmartly.

By this time, ſaid Clariiſa, with my aſſiſtance, ſhe had pinned the tail of her ſhiſt to her ſhoulders ; and, having placed a low ſtool under her feet, that ſhe might be no great burthen to Ma'emoiſelle, ſhe took the rod in hand.

What Flirtilla ſelt that moment might be read in her eyes, which ſparkled with ecſtacy. Her entreaties were of the tendered kind ; and the motion of her lovely alabaſter proſpect would have tranſported an anchoret to madneſs.

Lady Caroline was throughout the ſcene the moſt ſalacious woman I ever beheld.

Her manner of ſtanding, and motions, were grace and dignity itſelf ! The haughty manner of delivering her lecture, was ſuch as I had not heard from Flirtilla ; nor have not heard to this hour from any other woman.


How Flirtilla could bear the whipping amazed me, as Lady Caroline exerciſed the rod with ſuch ſeverity, that that proſpect:, which a few minutes beſore could emulate the lily, now excelled the roſe.

Though aſter repeated ſrolics in this way with Flirtilla, I muſt conſeſs I was pleaſed with it ; yet I could not be reconciled to the ſeverity I was a witneſs of from the hand of Lady Caroline ; but I ſoon underſtood ſhe carried her paſſion to greater lengths with others particularly Ma'emoiſelle B., who has been whipped by her till the blood has been near ſtarting ; and ſhe would not condeſcend to whip any of her intimates unleſs they would ſuſſer her to act as she thought proper.

A few days aſter we were invited to the country-ſeat of Lady Carmine, who is in poſſeſſion of a greater fund of anecdote in this way than any lady living.

Among many very regular whims, ſhe related the following, which from her own knowledge ſhe affirmed was authentic.

As the account would be much better in her own words than any other, I mail give every particular in as conciſe and perſecl a manner as my memory can delate.

I had the honour, ſaid Lady Carmine, with many ladies now in this country, to be particularly noticed in Paris, ſome years ago, by the Duchess of -.[1]

This lad, then verging on forty, carried this whipping whim to very unlimited lengths.

She had a chateau a few miles from Paris, in which was a room of ſtate, ſitted up in the moſt ſplendid manner imaginable.

It was evening when I was conducted to this place, where I ſound the Ducheſs dreſſed in the habit of a girl from head to ſoot. She told me I was like the Dauphineſs,[2] then just arrived, and whom ſhe loved to diſſraction ; that ſhe would, now ſhe was acquainted with my paſſion for exerciſmg the rod, be highly delighted with the pleaſure from my hands. Here, my dear, ſaid ſhe, are ſome written inſtructions, which I beg you will look over with attention, and then I will conduct you to the draſting-room.

Theſe inſtructions will appear through my ſtory.

As ſoon as I had ſolded the paper, ſhe led me to her dreſTmg-room, where ſhe had the richeſt dreſſes I ever beheld. Out of theſe ſhe ſeleſted what was agreeable to her paſſion, and helped to dreſs rne, and in about an hour I ſound myſelf bending under a weight of ſilk, jewels, and every other ornament that could add a charm to beauty. As ſoon as I was dreſſed ſhe led me to a room, where her ſitter, ſix other ladies, and a lady who had the appearance of a ſull-grown girl, were ſitting, who, on my entrance, aroſe, and paid their reſpe&s in the ſame manner as though I had been a Queen. The truth is they ſancied me ſuch.

Being complete miſtreſs of my inſtru6lions, I challenged the girl about telling lies, who denied the accuſation, and was proved criminal by the ladies, one oſ whom inſtantly put a rod into my hand and begged I would make a proper uſe of it. She was inſtantly horſed by the Cometeſs of , a very ſlout woman, and I whipped her to her own ſatisſaction, and to that of thoſe around me.

As ſoon as I had done, I enquired for her ſiſter, who I underſtood, by my inſtructions, was a greater culprit, and who had leſt the room as ſoon as I had done (this was no other than the Ducheſs). I was told ſhe was not to be ſound. I diſpatched three of my attendants aſter her, and with the remainder I repaired to the room of ſtate.

This was the moſt ſplendid room I ever beheld. The canopy and chairs of itate were of the moſt magniſicent kind, and in the chandeliers and girandoles there could not be leſs than ſive hundred lights.

According to my inſtru6lions I took my ſeat on the throne, with my maids of honour on each ſide, and in a few minutes my bold ſtep-daughter was brought in in tears.

Her entreaties were of the moſt extravagant kind, ſuch as kiſſing my hands and ſeet, and embracing me, all which I was inattentive to, and inſtantly ordered my maids of honour to hand me the rod.

A ſrame was rolled beſore the throne, made doping like a desk, on which was a large white ſatin cuſhion, and on which, with the aſſiſtance of a little ſtool, me was extended and held down.

It was now, according to my directions, my buſmeſs to unveil the ſeat of pleaſure, which, with ſome ſtruggles on her part, I inſtantly did, and I think I never beheld poſteriors more beautiſul! They were the largeſt, plumpeſt, and whiteſt, that ever ſelt a rod from my hand.

The burthen of her ſupplication, looking back at me the whole time, was, " My dear Mamma, my lovely Queen Mamma, pray pardon me ! Indeed you'll ſind me a moſt excellent girl in ſuture, and I proteſt to you, upon my honour, I never will provoke you to take the rod in your beautiſul, angelic hand agam! I'll bleſs the hour you married my Papa, my lovely ſvveet Queen, and love you the longeſt day I live, if you will ſorgive me this time ! " Such was the language ſhe made uſe of in reply to my lecture, which continued for ſull ten minutes, in concert with the rod, which (as inſtructed) I made excellent uſe oſ, I aſſure you. As ſoon as I ſound ſhe had enough, ſhe was let down by my directions, and ſhe retired crying.

I continued in the apartment, chatting with two of the ladies (for the remainder went out with her) for about an hour, when ſhe entered in ſull dreſs, and looked divinely.

As ſoon as ſhe entered, ſhe cried out in a great paſſion for the rod, which, ſhe recollected, was taken to another room.

While ſhe was in purſuit of it, one of the ladies told me ſhe meant to perſonate the Empreſs of R., and that I must drop my own character, and take up that oſ her daughter.

I complied with the deſire, and in leſs than a minute ſhe entered with great dignity, having her train ſupported by two ladies.

She charged me with abuſive expreſtions I had dropped concerning her beauty ; and without giving me time to reply, ſhe took me by the arm, and led me to the ſeat of chaſtiſement, where, with the aſſiſtance of her maids, I was extended.

Aſter ſhe had raiſed my clothes above the ſmall of my back, it was ſull a minute beſore I ſelt the rod.

She put herſelf in the greateſt paſſion imaginable ſtamped, and called to one of the ladies for the inſtrument with which ſhe was to wreak her vengeance. I had taken notice while I whipped her, that ſhe bawled and roared with very little intermiſlion during the whole time, which led me to ſuppoſe it eaſed in ſomc mcaſure the ſmart, which ſhe convinced roe of in a few minutes, for ſhe whipped with great ſeverky, throwing herſelf into the moſb wanton attitudes I ever beheld. Indeed, I was obliged to bawl in good earneſt, for I had ever received anything like the puniſhment beſore. She took care not to put this into the inſtructms ſhe gave me, elſe I would not have undergone it. I muſt own I like it as well as any lady preſent, but not with ſuch ſeverity ; that I leave to the men, many oſ whom I have read lye under the laſh till they bleed.

Your ſtory, ſaid Miſs V., has much whimſicality in it, indeed more than ever I heard. The only anecdote that ever I heard that approaches it is that of Miſs G.

Miſe G. was a woman paſTionately fond of whipping boys and girls. She was the daughter of an oſſicer, and received a very poliſhed education : add to this, ſhe was in poſſeſtion of every requiſite to make an excellent ſchool-miſtreſs. She was tall, well made, very ſair, expreſtive blue eyes ; ſhe had alſo that haughty and ſevere look that men delight in who are fond of taſting the rod from the hand of a woman. Her ſather and mother dying when ſhe was about twenty, and leaving her without ſortune, ſhe came to London, and went as an aſſiſlant in a diſtinguiſhed young ladies' boarding-ſchool. Here ſhe gave a looſe to her paſſion, for there was ſcarce a day ſhe did not whip halſ-a-dozen young girls,<reſ>We believe the authoreſs is in error here, for it has been aſſirmed by many who have ſeen her manuſcript, that there is no birch diſcipline uſed in any boarding-ſchool. of this the ladies are beſt judges.</reſ> some of them ſourteen years old.

Lord going one day to ſee a couſin of his who was a boarder at that ſchool, ſaw this lady by chance, and was ſo captivated with her beauty that he offered her a carte blanche, which ſhe cloſed with, and the connexion laſted during his liſe.

Paſſmg one day through St. James's Park, ſhe met Miſs C, an eminent milliner (from whom I had the tale). As they had been very intimate ſchool-ſellows, Miſs G. aſter a few turns aſked her to dine with her, which ſhe accepted.

Lord being then at Paris, they dined alone. While they were talking about the ſaſhion, Miſs C. perceiving in the corner of the room a large birch-rod hanging from a nail, aſked for whom it was intended ; ſhe ſmiling told her if ſhe would come the day aſter to drink tea with her, ſhe would tell her the uſe of it.

Miſs C. did not ſail to come. She ſound Miſs G. dreſſed in a very ſplendid manner, as ſhe intended to go to the Pantheon that evening. Her hair was dreſſed in the extreme of the ſaſhion, exceſtively large and low behind, and ornamented with a panache of black and white ſeathers of the largeſt ſize. Very high on the leſt ſide of her boſom ſhe wore an enormous bouquet of natural ſlowers, which had a beautiſul eſſe6l. Aſter dinner ſhe rung the bell for her maid, and deſired the two young ladies might be ſent down from the nurſery. In ,a few minutes, two fine girls, one about thirteen and the other eleven, made their appearance.

Well, ladies, ſaid Miſs G., who paſſed for their ſtepmother, ſhew me your work. On finding it badly done, ſhe boxed their ears very well. Let me ſee now if you can ſay the leſſon I gave you this morning in the grammar. Finding the youngeſt very deſicient in it, ſhe ſlew into a violent paſſion, bounced away directly for the rod, and proteſted with great paſſion ſhe would whip her ſeverely.

Miſs C. pretended to ſave the young culprit, but in vain; the diſciplinarian made ſome apologies for whipping her before her, but the minx was ſo very indolent and bold, ſhe muſt abſolutely whip her well.

Turn up your petticoats this moment, you little idle huſſey ſaid ſhe, brandiſhing the rod) ; I'll teach you this time to mind what I ſay! Come, come, higher ſtill, and lye down acroſs my knee.

Oh, mother, mother, my dear lovely mother! ſaid the little creature (as the lady was expoſing her poſteriors to the rod), upon my honour I'll be a moſt excellent girl in guture ; try me but this once, and if ever I give you this trouble again I will give you leave to cut me to pieces.

No lighted with her exquiſite manner of handling the rod. I own, ſaid Miſs G., I take a very particular pleaſure in whipping children when bold ; and ſmce the age of ſiſteen, that an aunt of mine made me whip a little girl about nine years of age, who lived with us, this paſſion has been predominant in me. This little girl was the daughter of my nurſe, and one of the moſt ſtubborn little girls I ever met with. The old lady made me whip her, ſhe ſaid, to teach me how to whip children when I ihould have ſome of my own.

I took ſo much pleaſure in whipping that little girl, that there were few days I did not take the rod in hand, having many opportunities, as I taught her to read and write.

I grew ſo fond of it, I really would be unhappy now iſ I had not ſome children under my care on whom I could inſlict this puniſhment : though I declare to you I would not take the leaſt pleaſure in it in cold blood ; I muſt be provoked to it, and they muſt deſerve it ſairly.

Miſs C. had ieveral young apprentices, on ſome of which ſhe inſlicted the punishment of the rod. She was not ſorry when they gave her an opportunity of handling this inſtrument of pleaſure and pain. Among her apprentices was a ſlip of a girl, addicted to thieving, and though ſhe had whipped her very oſten for it with ſeverity, the girl did not amend in the leaſt. One day as ſhe was going to whip her for ſtealing ſome ribbons, one of the working women, who had been in Paris for many years, told her, if ſhe was to dip the rod in vinegar, as ſhe had ſeen it done in France, it would ſmart her the more. Miſs C. ſollowed her advice, dipped the end of a new birch-r^d in a veſſel ſull of vinegar, and whipped the girl with it with the utmoſt exertion of her arm ; and it ſmarted ſo ſore that ſhe never pilſered aſter.

Miſs C viſited Miſs G. pretty oſten. Having obſerved that Miſs G. wore conſtantly an enormous noſegay, ſhe aſked the reaſon of it, and if the ſlowers did not give her the head-ache ? Not at all, ſaid ſhe, I am paſſionately fond of them their ſweet perſume excites in me the moſt exquiſite ſenſations. She told her Lord was as fond of them as ſhe, and delighted in ſeeing her dreſſed with a very large one.

She knew many gentlemen who were equally as fond oſ them as his lordſhip, and delighted in ſeeing their ſavourite ladies dreſſed with them ; that the larger and ſuller they are, the greater their inſluence, eſpecially when worn very high on the leſt ſide, the luxurious mode of wearing them. Wearing them in the centre, as ſome ladies do, is very inelegant ; but on one ſide, as the French do, gives not only a grand but a voluptuous air to the wearer ; and it is looked on now in the ſaſhionable world as one of the greateſt incentives to the joys of Venus. Some people even look upon them as great a provocative as birch itſelf ; and that, not only phyſicians on the continent, but many in this country, preſcribe for ſterile[3] men and women. Indeed, a certain doctor aſſured the world, that in order to get beautiſul children, men ſhould enjoy women in their ſull dreſs, or any dreſs they liked beſt, or as they were when they ſell in love with them ; not ſorgetting to have them highly perſumed, and with large bouquets of the moſt odoriſerous ſlowers in their boſom their ſecret inſluence being aſtoniming. The ladies on the continent are ſeldom ſeen without very large noſegays, which they always wear on the leſt ſide, as high as the ear.

A young lady of my acquaintance, who was lately in Liſbon, being invited to a dance given by a lady on her name's-day, which anſwers to our birth-day, all the ladies came dreſſed with enormous noſegays ; not only their leſt boſom, but their ſaces were covered with them. However, when they were dancing it had a pretty effect. Thoſe large noſegays, I have been told, are very uſeſul in hot countries, where perſpiration is very great.

Your obſervations on the ſlowers are very juſt, ſaid Lady C. I am well acquainted with many of the ſame diſpoſition.

Mr. D., a gentleman of ſortune, exceſſively fond of ſeeing the rod exerciſed, and of ſeeling it too, advertiſed for a governeſs to inſtruc"l his three daughters, their French governeſs having returned to Paris.

Miſs F., a young Iriſh. lady, very pretty, and very much reduced (having made a ſaux-pas with a young oſſicer), applied for the place.

Mr. D., ſinding her a great advocate for the rod, -engaged her immediately. She was the daughter of Mrs. F., a ſchoolmiſtreſs in Dublin. Educated under ſuch a mother, Miſs F. was complete miſtreſs of birch- diſcipline, and as paſſionately fond of it as any woman in England.

A few days aſter me had been at Mr. D/s ſeat, as ſhe was going early in the morning to take a walk in the garden, Mr. D. perceived and ſollowed her. She was in a halſ-mourning dreſs, with a large French nightcap, her hair very large and low behind. Their converſation chieſty turned on the ſweet perſume of the ſlowers ; the gentleman propoſed to make a noſegay for her ſweet angelic boſom, and in few minutes preſented her with one as big as a broom. Miſs F. was quite delighted with it, and inſtantly tied it very high on the leſt ſide of her boſom, for ſhe was very well acquainted with their inſluence.

Mr. D. paid her many compliments ſaid ſhe looked divine, and called her his angelic governeſs !

She thought it was now high time to introduce the ſavourite ſubje<5t. She inſormed him that one of his nieces had been very bold, and that ſhe intended to whip her. Mr D. ſqueezed her delicate hand, and apologized for the trouble ſhe would be at. Don't talk of that, my dear Sir ; I like to whip bold girls and bold boys too (giving him a very ſigniſicant look), eſpecially when I can get a good birch-rod. Mr. D. -conducted her to the ſhrubbery, where there were ſeveral birch trees. She immediately made two excellent rods, and of a large ſize ; for ſhe was very fond (as many ladies are) to whip with large rods, as they make a greater ſound on the b - , a ſound very pleaſmg to the votaries of whipping, and gives a woman a ſevere air j beſides large rods don't hurt ſo much as ſmall ones that cut ſhockingly. As ſoon as ſhe came to the houſe, ſhe went to the working-room, and calling the young culprit to her, a girl about thirteen, Here is, Miſs, ſhaking her big rod, ſomething that will make you good ! Come, come ! up with your ſrock and petticoats ! I muſl ſee all ; come, kiſs the rod, and beg a good whipping. Then holding her upon her lap, ſhe whipped her for ſull ten minutes. Mr. D., who was in an adjacent room peeping through a hole, was all the time in a kind of ecſtacy ! He had never ſeen a woman whip with ſo much grace ! Her dreſs, eſpecially her monſtrous bouquet, which ſhe was ſmelling all the while, made her look moſt charmingly ! As ſoon as ſhe had done, he ſlew to her, and ſpent with her a moſt delicious hour. This lady uſed to aſſume with him the character of a ſevere aunt. While ſhe whipped him, he held himſelf in such a manner, that he could ſmell the bouquet all the time. I have been told that a great many men do the ſame, their pleaſure being much heightened by it.

Miſs L., another votary to birch-diſcipline, was the daughter of a clergyman, who kept a ſchool at -----. Her mother dying when ſhe was about thirteen, her ſather, as ſhe was very clever, and very tall for her age, gave her the care of her ſitters ; as they were very giddy, ſhe got leave from her ſather to whip them. She grew ſo fond of the birch, that ſhe ſound means to get other young girls to inſtrucl:, and on whom ſhe adminiſtered, very oſten, the rod. Her ſather dying when ſhe was about two-and-twenty, ſhe came ta town, opened a young ladies' boarding-ſchool, and in a few years got a very large ſchool. She then gave a looſe to her ſavourite paſſion, whipping ſometimes a dozen girls a-day. As ſhe was an experienced hand at whipping, ſhe ſeldoni diſmiſſed them till their poſteriors and thighs were as red as ſearlet. Her pleaſure was to cut them, and generally whipped till the blood would come. She continued that practice till they were at leaſt ſiſteen. Many mothers approved of her conduct very much. She had a cloſet ſull ol birch-rods of diſſerent ſizes, curiouſly bound with ribbons of diſierent colours.

She took a ſmgular pleaiure in chooſing the long ſlender twigs of the birch with buds on them, and binding them up in rods; ſhe i.ever uſed the rod twice, nor any birch but what was cut lately. The ſmell of new birch railed in her the mott pleaſing ſenſation. Aſter ſhe had whipped a girl, ſhe always made her wear the rod in her boſom as a noiegay for two or three hours.

The Hon. Mr. S., at the age of leventeen, had a beautiſul ſitter a year younger than him. She married

Lord . Their ſather and mother being dead,

they lived with an old aunt. Mr. S. was then at Oxſord, but came to town very oſten. He had taken notice of his ſitter whipping very oſten a pretty couſm, a girl about ten years old, who was under her care. One day as he was reading in his ſitter's room a French book about women being fond of whipping, which he had ſound on her toilet, he heard her coming with her couſm, who was then crying ; ſuſpecting ſhe was going to whip her, he hid himſelf behind the curtain of the bed : he was not miſtaken ; his ſiſter immediately entering with a good birch-rod in her hand. Petticoats, &c., were all ſoon removed. Aſter whip- ping her very ſeverely, and lecturing her all the time, as an experienced ſchool-miſtreſs, ſhe ſent her down ſlairs, and ſoon went herſelf as if nothing had happened.

Mr. D. declared to a ſriend of his that he never ſaw anything ſo pretty, his ſiſter being dreſſed that day all in white, with a large pink ſaſh round her waiſt ; her hair, which was not yet turned up, wantonly ſlowing on her ſnowy boſom, which was heaving all the time ; a pretty hat on one ſide of the head, ſull of large white oſtrich ſeathers, and a beautiſul bouquet oſ a moſt enormous ſize, made of moſs-roſes, carnations, pinks intermixed with large bunches of myrtle, jeſſamy, and minionet, which ſhe wore on the left-ſide, up to the ear. The exquiſite perſume of it excited in him ſuch agreeable ſenſations that aſter that he would never bear his ſiſter or any young lady of his acquaintance without a monſtrous one. The waving of the ſeathers, the making of the ſlowers of the noſegay, the ſound of the birch, and eſpecially the exquiſite perſume which the bouquet exhaled, had ſuch an effect on him that he remained for an hour in a ſort of ecſtaey. He had a garden entirely laid out with the moſt beautiſul ſweet ſlowers imaginable. He uſed to ſend out of it to his ſemale acquaintance large bouquets that he might have the pleaſure to ſee them dreſs well at the public places where he knew he would meet with them ; to tie himſelf a noſegay for the boſom of a lady was a delight to him. His ſeeing one day a lady at the Pantheon, the beautiſul Miſs W., with a moſt enormous ſide-bouquet, whoſe pretty ſace could ſcarce be ſeen among the ſlowers, he ſell in love with her, and married her about a month aſter ; ſhe was but ſourteen then, and just out of ſchool.

On the continent, where whipping is ſo ſaſhionable,. it is one of the chieſ amuſements of the Nuns, for they not only whip one another for their pleaſure, but will whip with ſhocking birch-rods their boarders, with ſo much ſeverity, that ſometimes ſome of them are obliged to keep their beds for two or three days;, this is a ſact, and many young ladies who have been educated there would aſſert it. I was always ſurprized not to meet with any book which would lay open the incontinency of the Nuns ; for ſome Nuns take as much pleaſure in whipping a pretty girl, with the help of a certain curious inſtrument, as they would almoſt to deep with a man, and have almoſt the ſame pleaſure.

Your anecdote, ſaid Mrs, , brings to my recollection a particular whim of Lady Dowager .

This woman, who had been conſidered one of the rſt beauties of her time, ſell deſperately in love with a lady's-maid, where ſhe had been on a viſit, at a time when the ſire of youth might be ſuppoſed to be in a great meaſure extinguiſhed, for me had paſſed her ſiſtieth year. She had tailed the ſelicity we have been ſpeaking of from numbers of her conſidential ſriends, and took as great pleaſure in adminiſtring it as any lady exiſting.

This Abigail enſlamed her the inſtant ſhe beheld her, and ſhe loſt no time to ſecure her to herſelf, which ſhe did at a great ſalary.

I have heard her ladyſhip declare no ſchool-miſtreſs. upon earth could exerciſe the rod with more bewitching ſeverity than this woman. It was her ladyſhip's whim to be whipp'd by her in the neat habiliments of an upper ſervant

Sometimes ſhe would deſire her to enter her apart- ment with a neat ſtraw hat, ſet oſſ with a vaſt quantity oſ pink or green ribbon, a pretty ſlowered gown, and her legs and feet as neatly attired. She uſed to act at ſuch a time as her mother's-maid, and whip her ladyſhip for telling tales of her while ſhe had been abroad.

Her ladyſhip being a very ſat woman, it was next to an impoſllbility for her to lye acroſs her lap (though that is what ſhe delighted in), but ſhe commonly reſted her hands on a ſopha or chair, but oſtener would have herſelf whipped in bed for not getting up early, which I take of all others to be the pleaſanteſt way, as we can then bounce and plunge about, ſtruggle and caper under the rod, and prolong the ſelicity for a conſiderable time.

No youth, though ever ſo enraptured with his charmer, could idolize her more than her ladyſhip did this woman. I have heard her dwell upon the beauty oſ her hands, and the heaving of her plump ſnowy boſom, till ſhe Las been loſt in exceſs of bliſs. She died in her ladyſhip's ſervice, and ſhe oſten declared a great part of her happineſs died with her.

A Ducheſs in Paris, who has taſted of this ſelicity from the hands of a vaſt number of ladies of her own complexion, took an uncommon liking to a beautiſul Weſt-India negro woman, who had been brought to Paris by a naval oſſicer, from whom ſhe was purchaſed at an high price by her for this purpoſe. As ſoon as ſhe was in poſſeſſion of her ſhe ſpared no expence in educating her, and clothed her in the most elegant manner. When ſhe ſancied ſhe was poliſhed at all points for her purpoſe ſhe broke the matter to her, and, with the aſliſtance of a number of books and prints on the ſubject, inſtructed her perſectly. She oſten declared to a ſemale conſidante, nothing could equal the pleaſure ſhe ſelt when this lovely negro ſtripped her or took her out of bed ; to ſeel her velvet hands run over her thighs and poſteriors when ſhe was ſettling her on her knees, and immediatly aſter the rod ſmartly exerciſed by her, was to her the height of human pleaſure. This woman, ſtrange as it may appear, had ſuch an aſcendancy over this illuſtrious lady, that ſtie was in a ſhort while miſtreſs of her aſſe6lion and ſortune. I have been well aſſured a gentleman now in London has a pretty negro maid-ſervant, and his greateſt delight is to ſee her whip his children.

The ſpirit of flagellation, ſaid Mrs. W., was never carried to ſuch an high degree as it is in a particular ichool this day in London. I never heard of this ſchool beſore, ſaid Miſs T., pray where is it ? It is

kept by Mademoiſelle G who lives in ſtreet,

B y Square. This lady about twelve years ago made her appearance in this kingdom, and was recommended to the Counteſs of , who inilantly patronized her.

At one of their nocturnal meetings, when her ladyſhip's whipping party were all preſent, and were all running out in raptures on the graces and lovely manoeuvres of Ma'emoiſelle while whipping each, the Counteſs propoſed a ſingular aſſair which every lady inſtantly ſubſcribed to. It was no other than Ma'emoiſelle's ſetting up a day-ſchool to teach genteel children French. They opened a ſubſcription inſtantly for the Pariſian lady, enabled her to take a houſe, and ſurniſhed it for her in an elegant ſtyle. Not one of the party were ſeen in this buſmeſs ; their only patronage was a heavy purſe, for a very ſubſlantial reaſon that will appear in its proper place. The lady had not opened ſchool three months when ſhe ſound herſelf at the head of a pretty ſet of children, many of whom were ſull grown. A ſhort while aſter ſhe 'Opened this ſeminary one of the whipping party appeared as a ſub-governeſs, in which capacity ſhe indulged herſelf to her wiſh, exerciſmg the rod as ſhe thought proper. The other ladies were engaged by Ma'emoiſelle- to ſill the ſame character alternately.[4]

What a treat in this ſeminary for the idolaters of the poſterior ſhrine ! To ſee in the courſe of a day a number of b----s bluſhing under the rod, exerciſed by a woman of ſupereminent charms !

It muſt be the ſublime of ſelicity indeed, ſaid Miſs T., and almoſt equal to what I taſted from the hand oſ Lady a few days ago.

I know, ſaid Mrs. W., her ladyſhip is charming in the extreme with a rod in hand. Pray let us hear how ſhe captivated you ?

I happened to pay her a viſit in my military habit, which ſo pleaſed her that ſhe propoſed to take the rod in hand and whip me for endeavouring to rival her, my ſtep-mother, by dreſling in ſuch alluring habiliments.

Her ſitter, Louiſa, happened to be preſent, who ſeconded the motion, and I inſtantly ran up ſlairs to the room where I knew ſhe kept her horſe. They both ſollowed. Louiſa, at the head of the machine, held my hands, while her ladyſhip, with her uſual manoeuvres, expoſed what ſhe idolized ſo much to the rod, and indeed I ſelt the ſull ſorce of her jealouſy (by ray endeavouring to outdo her in dreſs) while ſhe exer- ciſed the bewitching twigs. In brieſ, my dear ladies, I think no woman in the whole circle of beauty has it in her power to captivate like this lovely creature ; everything that has been ſaid by the poets in praiſe oſ ſemale charms, ſalls ſar ſhort ot what I ſee in her t Her admirers may well exclaim

What thought can paint that fair perſection?
Not ſea-born Venus, in the courts beneath,
When the green nymphs ſirſt kiſied her coral lips,
All poliſhed ſair, and waſh'd with orient beauty,
Could in their dazling ſancy match her brightneſs.
Her legs, her arms, her hands, her neck, her breaſts,
So nicely ſhap'd, ſo matchleſs in their luſlre,

Such all perſection !

She is the child of love, and ſhe was born in ſmiles !

To hear the muſic of her voice while correcting me was ſomething more than human. I ſhall never ſorget her " Well, upon my honour, it is to me ſurprizing how ſome mothers will ſuffer their ſorward daughters to eclipſe them, while there is ſuch a rod as I hold to be ſound. I have heard, Miſs, you put on this dreſs to captivate Colonel G ; but I'll teach you to conſult me in ſuture about what you ſhall wear!

Your pretty b----e ſhall feel my reſentment beſore I have done with the rod, I promiſe you ! You may caper as much as you pleaſe, but you'll ſind me exerciſe it well! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! you forward minx!"

Stop, my dear, for heaven's ſake, ſaid Mrs. W., elſe you will ſo tranſport us that we mail rum like lunatics to her ladyſhip for a sample of what you tailed.

I called to ſee our lovely brunette, Mrs. C., a few mornings ago, and ſound her buſily employed with the rod. Her nephew and niece were ſound wrangling together by her, and me ſettled their diſſerence with giving each an excellent whipping. I have heard this charming Creole proteſt me would be very unhappy if me had not some children to divert herſelf with in this way. She has declared to me when me was in Jamaica, me used to amuſe herſelf almoſt every day with whipping pretty young negroes of both ſexes. She has ever given the preſerence to whipping boys under eight years old. I remember an anecdote of this lady that made me laugh heartily at the time, One day, while ſhe was at her brother's country house, a beggar woman came into the yard with two children, who ſolicited her charity. She ordered them into the houſe, and relieved them. They had ſcarcely leſt the houſe when a ſpoon was miſſed, which was ſound on a girl of twelve years old. She was brought back, and by her order was brought on the ſhoulders oſ a ſtout maid-ſervant into the parlour. Her brother was preſent, who applauded her highly for her ſpirit. In leſs than a minute ſhe removed the poor girl's rags, and expoſed to his view as ſair and as plump a bumſiddle as Venus herselſ could exhibit, which in a few minutes the lady leſt in weals, with a rod exer- cised with the utmost ſeverity. But think how great this lady's ſurpriſe muſb be to have pointed out to her in Covent Garden Theatre, within these three months, this very girl, who has been in keeping with her brother from the day of her being whipped to this.

As to mankind being fond of this pleaſure from the hands of a woman, it is too well conſirmed to be contradicted. I have read the ſaſhionable Lectures, and a number of French anecdotes relating to this paſſion, and I think I can communicate from my own knowledge a more ſtriking one than any I have ever read or heard.

Come, diſcloſe, diſcloſe, my dear, ſaid halſ-a-dozen ladies at once.

To be brieſ, ladies, ſaid Miſs T., that libidinous gentleman, Mr. K., who is known to many in this room, is ſo paſſionately fond of birch from a lady, that his Wards, who live with him, exerciſe it whenever they want money, elegant clothes, or ſee pleaſure. He has a room remote from the noiſe and interruption oſ his domeſtics. Here, whenever he reſuſed what they requeſt, he is led by theſe ſpirited and whimſical girls ; and here they ſtrip and whip him, turn about, till he promiſes to comply with their requeſt. When the eldeſt of theſe pretty girls diſclosed the affair to me, I would not give it credit, nor would I to this hour, if I had not ocular demonſtration, about three months ago, when they concealed me in a cloſet, in the room, from a peep-hole in which I beheld the whole discipline.

Here ends the anecdotes of this lady, which many will think written with ſpirit and elegance: this, with their originality, will ſecure them a diſtinguiſhed reception among thoſe who idolize, with a degree of religious enthuſiaſm, the beautiſul back ſettlements of Venus.

Original footnotes[edit]

  1. We hope the authoreſs will excuſe us, but we cannot mention real titles or names throughout this work.
  2. Now Queen of F .
  3. The ſollowing anecdote, to illuſtrate this paſſage, is a fact : A country gentleman, of large fortune, had been married for many years to a very beautiſul, and ſeemingly fruitſul, woman. The want of children was the only thing that made them unhappy. When the lady arrived in London a few winters ago, me patronized a very ſenſible and beautiſul opera-dancer, to whom, in a private converſation, me expreſſed her uneaſineſs about her ferility, or her huſband's incapacity. The Italian lady told her nothing was ſo efficacious as whipping the poſteriors of her huſband (if the fault lay in him) during the amorous engagement with her ; and to prove her aſſertion true, ſhe repeated the phyſician's anecdote from the Philoſophical Thereſa, and ilrengthened it with aſſuring her ſhe herſelf aſſiſled in a ſimilar ſcene. The lady pondered on it, related it to her huſband, and prevailed on him to go through the operation. The lady was engaged at a high price to adminiſler the rod, which ſhe did in that opera-dreſs that pleaſed him moſt ; and, in less than a month, and by the time ſhe had whipped him a dozen times (each ſpace of which he was in an amorous engagement with his wiſe), the lady, to her great joy, ſound herſelf pregnant.
  4. One of the party, lately deceaſed, obſerving extraordinary ſigns of manhood in a boy, as he lay acroſs her lap capering under the rod, was ſo ſmitten with the proſpeſt, that ſhe had it in view as oſten as ſhe could, and ere the youth had gained his fifteenth year ſhe made him ample amends for the whipping he received from her hands, by an oſſering of the moſt ſublime nature in the chapel of Venus.