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The current Community collaboration is collecting texts related to WikiProject NARA

Recent collaborations: Tenth Anniversary Contest, Disney, Domesday survey, Niccolò Machiavelli

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20140411 potm.png The current Proofread of the Month is Pieces People Ask For  (1885) by George Melville Baker.

Recent collaborations: The Spirit of the Nation, Character of Renaissance Architecture, Embroidery and Fancy Work, The Voyage Out, Correspondence between the Warden of St Columba's College and the Primate of Armagh, Handbook of Maritime Rights, Sketches of the History of the Church of Scotland, The First Report of the Lichfield Society, The Truth about the Transvaal, The Coffee Publichouse, Notes on the Present and Future of the Archaeological Collections of the University of Oxford, Remarks on Some Late Decisions Respecting the Colonial Church, Canterbury Papers, On the Pollution of the Rivers of the Kingdom, Why the Shoe Pinches, Navvies and Their Needs, Weather Facts and Predictions, How to Play Chess, Indoor and Outdoor Gymnastic Games, Association Football and How to Play It, Stabilizing the Dollar

The current Maintenance of the Month task is Author page connection with Wikidata items

Recent collaborations: Help page improvement, Undated works, Move to the Translation namespace, Portal classification review, Works with no copyright tag






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