My Country is My Love

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My Country is My Love  (1869) 
by Lydia Koidula, translated by Wikisource
"My Country is My Love" is the English name for Mu isamaa on minu arm, an Estonian poem by Lydia Koidula that was transformed into a national song and the melody was written by Gustav Ernesaks in 1944.— Excerpted from My Country is My Love on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

My country is my love,
To whom I’ve given my heart.
To you I sing, my greatest happiness,
My flowering Estonia!
Your pain boils in my heart,
Your pride and joy makes me happy,
My country, my country!

My country is my love,
I shall never leave her,
Even if I must die hundred deaths
Because of for her!
Does the foreign envy slander,
You still live in my heart,
My country, my country!

My country is my love,
And I want to rest,
To lay down into your arms,
My sacred Estonia!
Your birds will sing sleep to me,
flowers will bloom from my ashes,
My country, my country!

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