National Anthem of the Republic of China

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National Anthem of the Republic of China  (1924) 
by Sun Yat-sen, translated by Wikisource
The lyrics were written by Sun Yat-sen in the thirteenth year of the Republic of China (1924). It was officially adopted as the National Anthem of the Republic of China in 1943.

The lyrics have been in the public domain since 1995, 70 years after the death of Sun Yat-sen.

The following translation is based on .

Original lyrics[edit]



Sānmín Zhǔyì, wú dǎng suǒ zōng,
Yǐ jiàn Mínguó, yǐ jìn Dàtóng.
Zī ěr duō shì, wèi mín qiánfēng;
Sù yè fěi xiè, Zhǔyì shì cóng.
Shǐ qín shǐ yǒng, bì xìn bì zhōng;
Yì xīn yì dé, guànchè shǐ zhōng.

English translation[edit]

Three Principles of the People,
The fundament of our party.
Using this, we establish the Country for the People;
Using this, we advance into a state of total peace.
Oh, you, warriors,
For the people, be the vanguard.
Without resting day or night,
Follow the Principles.
Swear to be diligent; swear to be courageous.
Obliged to be trustworthy; obliged to be loyal.
With one heart and one virtue,
We carry through until the very end.

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