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THE greater part of the following articles having come to hand since the preceding pages were printed, we have thought it best to place them in an



apple jelly, for preserving Sweetmeats.

PARE, quarter and core winter pippins, or almost any other kind of apples, and put them into a stew pan, with water barely sufficient to cover them When the fruit is boiled to a pap add a quart of water, boil it half an hour longer, run it hot through a flannel bag, put it up id a jar, and keep it covered for use. A little lemon peel boiled with the apple, and a pound of powdered loaf sugar added to each pint of the pulp, and boiled up, will make a very good apple jelly for the table, or to eat with cream.

apples, an excellent sintp of.

GRIND a quantity of sweet apples, those for example generally known by the different names of sweetings. Express the juice immediately upon their being ground, and strain it as clear as possible, before any fermentation has commenced. Put it into a large boi er and boil it down to a sirup, which in taste

wl.f?r i ° ^ P leasanrer than common West India molasses, and as little subject to ferraenta-