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Indian Corn, to raise a great crop of 67
——— preparation for planting 68
——— seeds of how selected 119
Infected air, how purified, &c. 175
Influenza, Coughs or Colds, cure for 68
Ink, indelible Ib
——— a good writing 69, 176
Ink Powder 69
Insects that infest apple trees Ib
Iron Stoves, cracks in, how mended 70
Itch, cure for 176, 177
See likewise, Ointment.
Jaundice, cures for 70, 71, 177
Lambs not, owned by their dams, how fed 72
——— shearing of Ib
Leather, how made water proof 72, 73
——— German mode of blacking 73
Lice on Apple Trees Ib
——— on Cattle 74
Lip Salve Ib
Lock Jaw Ib
Lungs, weakness of Ib
Mangoes, how made 75
Manure, on the different kinds, &c. 76
Maple sugar, how made 79
Mead or metheglin, how made 80
Measles in swine, how cured 81
Meat, how preserved, pickled, &c. 81, 82
——— when putrid how cured 81
——— Russian mode of salting 83
——— preserved in snow 129
——— cakes, how made 84
Mildew, or rust in wheat 111
Moles, how guarded against 84
Moths, to preserve furs & woolens from 84, 177
Murrain, remedies for 85
Muslin, a composition for washing Ib
Musquetoes, to prevent the bite of 86
Mustard, how mixed Ib
Nail, to extract poison from 87
Nettle, virtues of Ib
Oil essential, how obtained from flowers 88
Oil or Tallow, how extracted from papers, &c. Ib
Oil of balsam of Gilead, how obtained 89
Ointment for Itch 89, 176
——— for excoriations 86
——— for ulcers, &c. 178