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F E A— F E L 61

gar as vitriol. When it is dissolved shake the bottle, an<! on going to bed wash tfce eves with it usiag a soft clean cloth.

For euring weak and weeping Fyes.

MAKE a strong decoction of camomile boiled in sweet cow. milk ; with this let the patient's eyes he bathed several times a day as warm as can be suffered without uneasiness Persons, almost Mind, have been cured by persevering in the use of this prescription. It is proper, however, to observe that frequently 5 or 6 weeks bathing of the eyes is necessary.

For inflamed Eyes.

TO two ounces of water add two grains of lapi caliminaris, and the same quantity of white vitriol.

FEATHERS, bones. &c. — how coloured

FEATHERS, Rones, &c. may be coloured blue, red, green, yellow, Sec by the following process. After boiling them in allum water, steep them in an infusion of red wood to form a red — in a blue pot, or juice of elder berries for blue — in lime water and verdigtm, or nitrate of copper for green, andm a tincture of saffron for yellow.


An effectual cure for a Fellon.

BATHE the part affected in ashes and water ; take the yolk of an egg, six drops of the spirits of turpentine, a few beet leaves cut fine, a small quantity of hard soap, due teaspoonful of snuff or fine tobacco ; then add one