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64 F I L— F I S

20 minute?, for 2 or 3 day. Put half a teaspoonful of pear! ash in each of the two first pints, and in the following 1 1-8 of a teaspoonful to each naif pint. Wash the body as above once in eight hours.

fever — Billions.

TAKE a quarter of a pound of Rochelle salts (which are the best for this fever) one or two handful? of snake root, to be bruised and made into tea — a Jumble r foil of this tea poured on to the salts to dissolve them If the indisposition is slight, a wine glass full of the snake root and salts is to be taken every half hour till it operates—if the indisposition is violent a wine glass full is to be taken every quarter of an hour, care must be taken against the patient's vomiting When the snake roots and salts have operated freely, and the fever is broken or extinguished, a wine glass full of snake root tea alone mut be taken every half hour, till the patient is out of danger, or at the discretion of some proper person.

film — Cure for

TAKE the white of a new laid egar, into which stir a large teaspoonful of alum powdered ver> fine and sifted, until it becomes a curd. Pour this upon a fine Holland or cambric cloth placed over a small boul, or cup, so as to receive the liquor, and to leave it to filtrate of itself. The liquor thus obtained, which is very limpid and clear, and is seldom more than a tt aspoonful, is to be dropped into the eye in small quantities, five or six times in the course of a day, or as often as can be borne.


TAKE three well beaten yolks of egg- two anchovies, a quarter rf a pound of butter, with as much floor