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H JE M— H A M— H A N— H A R 63

?y covered, rub it over with oil and polish it with a bard brush, or a piece of soft pine wood.


TT is said that the most violent Maemorhages may be stopped by the volatile flour of aikaii.


Receipt for curing Hams.

FOR twenty-four hams, take six pounds of fine salt, three pounds of coarse brown sugar, or two pounds of molasses, and one pound of salt-petre pounded tine ; mix all thfisr- together, and rub every ham with the mixture and pack them down in your cask let them reremain five or six days, then unpack them, and let those which were on the top, be put at the bottom of the cask, and sprinkle a little salt over them; so l^t them remain for five or six days, and then make a pickle that will bear an egg, and pour over rill it covers them; so let the whole remain for one month, and they will be tit to smoke. For twelve hams, use half the above ingredients.

hands numbed or trembling,

W\SH the hands so affected, in a strong decoction of wormvj^jod aud mustard seed, to be strained and used when cold.

harrowing grain in the spring.

WE have not room now, for an essay, if the subject required it, but we must recommend the Farmer to