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This page needs to be proofread.

tPPENDI X. g,.and oblige them to fpen_ d more ot their money in bouj$, wheth they. will or not. The next thieg which I bar but ju take no- tice of, is your apprchenfion, that unless this flatute is farther enforced, "o go Mother, the univer- by ' fity will  * govern'd cbiMren, and by their '. ok acquaintance, jug as their aturgl rents  are." This dreadful apprehenon runs through your whole book, from beginning to '; but it is fo monRrous and groundle a fppofition d, withal, carries along with it fo pitiable an opinion, th of prnta in genera, md of the Governors of th unive}fi, who can never furely  fo weak, to fur themle$ to- be germd in this chi!difi manner, that I will not infiR upon it any more. Hayin thus fredy and im artiay given ou m _ g F.. . Y Y eans why I caot aee wth you n the mn article of your ok, wia, the fidtn and n of this taute, which Xou hae f6 much at hrt, I all no proceed to  acquaint you, with the fame treedom, that I do agree with you teeral particars, which are occafionally hinted d int&frs'd through your whole trotiCe. Give me leave,. Sir, to pmife tMs with a ort mentation of our unfortuna , who are fig{i, almoR fingly, to Rd up in the cau of wit- tm d found dOitline, again thg united efforts o a vicious ad corrupt geration! That it ould  the meul hard lot of Ttrr-Filius and Dr. 'twton to buffet with calumny, and be the refmt- merits of an ungrat(ul uniwerfity, r endsrouting