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This page needs to be proofread.




QBE AT OIIUAN. jj Open diapason, metal.

In front. tig Stopt do. hit Dulciana. II Principal, mm Stopt wood Flute. n Clarionet. oo Flautlno.


Jtk Open diapason, wood.

ii Violin do., metal.

i>p Stopt do., metal.

4 Oboe.

rr Spltz-flOte.



PEDAL. II, y Bourdon, wood, stopt.

��JJ.B. The Swell is shewn shut ; , o, are the swell shutter-arms, and v, v, is the swell rod.


���General Section of an Organ with two Manuals, Great and Swell, and Pedals.

�� �