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Why Mark Wouldn't Like to Die Abroad 93
The Left Hand Didn't Know 95
American Humorists 96
Telepathy or Suggestion 97
Trying to Be Serious Didn't Work 99
Assorted Beauties 100
Mark's Children Knew Him loi
Mark, Dogs, Dagoes, and Cats 102
The Tragedy of Genius 103
Kilties and the Lassie 105
A Wise Provision of Providence 107
The Awful German Language 108
Artist or Photographer no
Mark Interviewed the Barber about Harry Thaw . 112
His Portrait a Mirror 115
Mark, Bismarck, Lincoln, and Darwin 116
Mark at the Stock Exchange, Vienna 120
Mark and the Prussian Lieutenant 121
Mark Studies the Costermonger Language 123
That Beautiful Funeral 125
Ada's Beast of a Man 126
Jealousy in Lowland 127
The Troubles of Liz 128
The French Madame 130
The Great Disappointment 134
Rheumatism and Prodding 137
On Literary Friendships 138
Bayard Taylor's German 139