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Introduction.—The word "Æsthetic."

Article. Page.
I. Criticism.—S. G. Ward, Esq. 5
II. Music. J. S. Dwight, Esq. 25
III. War.—R. Waldo Emerson, Esq. 36
IV. Organization.—Parke Godwin, Esq. 50
V. Genius.—Mr. Sampson Reed 58
VI. The Dorian Measure, with a Modern Application.—The Editor. 64
VII. Correspondence.—J. J. G. Wilkinson, Esq. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London 112
VIII. Main-street.—N. Hawthorne, Esq. 145
IX. Abuse of Representative Government.—S. H. Perkins, Esq. 174
X. Resistance to Civil Government; a Lecture delivered in 1847. H. D. Thoreau, Esq 189
XI. Language.—The Editor 214
XII. Vegetation about Salem, Mass.—An English Resident 224


Crawford's Orpheus.—The Editor 110
A Spirit's Reply 111
Hymn of a Spirit Shrouded 211
Meditations of a Widow 212
The Twofold Being 245
The Favorite 247