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able in France or Germany than in England, that we need go out of our way to fetch over their marriage laws hither?

Thirdly, The discomfort connected with this matter will be found, if fairly examined, to arise entirely from the law not being thoroughly kept: and that again arises entirely from want of faith. If people would really and entirely receive these plain words of both Testaments, ‘The man and his wife are one flesh,’ then their wives' sisters would be to them as sisters: they would no more think of marrying the one than the other: they might have the full benefit of the sisterly relation for themselves, their houses, and their children, without temptation, scruple, uneasiness, or evil report. As it is now, these evils are excluded, just in proportion as the Divine saying is believed, and the law regarding it recognised: and therefore, notwithstanding the unbelief and laxity of such people as those who are now agitating, English families do in very many instances receive the full benefit of that endearing relation,—the very name of which will become an absurdity if once this change is made,—the relation, I mean, of sister-in-law. Persons who are determined, come what will, to believe the