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The truth is, no thoughtful heart can regard this matter of the marriage laws as a thing standing apart by itself. It belongs rather to a much greater and deeper movement, shewing itself now nearly all over Christendom, by tokens very various, yet all most curiously tending the same way, i.e. toward Lawlessness, the predicted forerunner of Antichrist.

But come what may, we of the Church of England, more especially if we belong to her

“Sixthly, One high in station in a neighbouring Church might be appealed to as holding very lax opinions concerning this obligation.

“In the next place, The example of other countries in this respect renders us almost singular in our strictness.

“And lastly, That, although it might appear that there existed among the members of the Scotch Kirk a very strong feeling in favour of this observance, yet, if it was carefully instilled into their minds that there is no such command in Scripture, these feelings might give way.

“I believe I have fairly stated every argument adduced in favour of this change in the Marriage Laws. Now, there are some among the advocates for this change who would be sorry to see every point on which they rely adduced as an argument brought forward against keeping holy the Lord's Day. Surely it would be well for such persons to reflect that, in both cases alike, the great body of the nation who would suffer from such a relaxation ought to be considered as well as the few who would profit by it."