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Rheumatism, Gout, Spams, Bruises, Spinal Affections,Lumbago, Pains in the Flash, as Tic Doloreux, Scalds, Burns, Weakness, Stiffness Internal Injuries, induced by Falls Straining, or Over exertion.

Also generally of minor complaints, as Chilblains, Chapped Hands, Wounds, &c.

RAPID PROGRESS.-—In September, 1840, only, a license was taken out for this preparation to cure the Rheumatic Gout &c., and although still little known from advertising,

Upwards of 40,000 Bottles have beau Sold.

Wherever one bottle gains an introductions it is sure to recommend the sale of many. Cabrun's Anti Doloric Oil is now under Royal Sanction, and is positively used in the Royal Household with happy effect, also in many Nobleman's Establishments, particularly that of a Noble Duke, where it succeeded in an extreme case of Gout, after all other means tried had utterly failed.It is under the immediate notice of the Faculties in several Infirmaries: and last August an eminent Physician testified his good opinion, having personally received all the desired benefit in a severe attack of rheumatism. Should any one be doubtful of its efficacy let him present a bottle to some poor afflicted person and notice the result. It does not, like many advertised articles, profess to cure everything, yet its powers are extensive, and to judge of it particularly, persons should obtain a pamphlet describing its capabilities in nearly THREE HUNDRED TESTIFIED CASES OF CURE, from the infant to the elder adult which may be obtained(gratis) by addressing a letter, post-paid,including two postage-stamps.;

Caburn's Anti-Doloric Oil is sold at the above place, in bottles at 2s. 9d., 3s. 6d., lls and 22d, likewise by Messrs. Barclay, Butler, Edwards, Hatney, Sutton, and Co., also by all the principal medicine vendors in the Kingdom.

N B.- The Anti-Doloric Oil will instantly relieve the must violent attack of tooth or foreache and be the parts so much swollen, in a short time it will be abated,unmolested with pain or inconvenience.

Reports from Medical Dispenaries.

Medical Dispensary, 77, King's Road, Brighton To Mr. Caburn, Sir, I have great pleasure in informing you the Anti-Doloric Oil is much recommended,and highly approved of here by by the first Nobility, who all tell me it is the best (illegible text) they have yet tried, and is sought after as a soverign Remedy in Cases of Rheumatism, Gout, &c. &c I am, very respectfully yours, STEPHEN WHITE March 3, 1842.

Medical Dispensary, Rochford Sir,- I know of no instance as to failure in the good effects of your Anti_Doloric Oil, having recommended it to many of my friends, I can assure you it is the besy medicine fur the Gout and Rheumatism, I ever knew. Yours, Respectfully, A. HARRINGTON. March 17,1812.

An eminent Physician, who was suspended from his professional duties by Rheumatic Gout, in few hours obtained such Relief that instead of being lifted in and out of his Carriage, he could leave without inconvenience no himself or assistance from 0thers. = Court Magazine, September,1842. N.B. The Medicine Chest, or even Dressing Cases of persons journeying by sea orland, should be furnished with this invaluable article.