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Introduction Pages 1-4

Chapter I.
The Evidence of the Descent of Man from some Lower Form.
Nature of the evidence bearing on the origin of man — Homologous structures in man and the lower animals — Miscellaneous points of correspondence — Development — Rudimentary structures, muscles, sense-organs, hair, bones, reproductive organs, &c. — The bearing of these three great classes of facts on the origin of man 5

Chapter II.
On the Manner of Development of Man from some Lower Form.
Variability of body and mind in man — Inheritance — Causes of variability — Laws of variation the same in man as in the lower animals — Direct action of the conditions of life — Effects of the increased use and disuse of parts — Arrested development — Reversion — Correlated variation — Rate of Increase — Checks to increase — Natural selection – Man the most dominant animal in the world — Importance of his corporeal structure — The causes which have led to his becoming erect — Consequent changes of structure — Decrease in size of the canine teeth — Increased size and altered shape of the skull — Nakedness — Absence of a tail – Defenceless condition of man 26

Chapter III.
Comparison of the Mental Powers of Man and the Lower Animals.
The difference in mental power between the highest ape and the lowest savage, immense — Certain instincts in common — The emotions — Curiosity — Imitation — Attention — Memory — Imagination — Reason — Progressive improvement – Tools and weapons used by animals — Abstraction, Self-consciousness — Language — Sense of beauty — Belief in God, spiritual agencies, superstitions 65