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Chapter XIX.
Secondary Sexual Characters of Man.
Differences between man and woman — Causes of such differences, and of certain characters common to both sexes — Law of battle — Differences in mental powers, and voice — On the influence of beauty in determining the marriages of mankind — Attention paid by savages to ornaments — Their ideas of beauty in woman — The tendency to exaggerate each natural peculiarity 556

Chapter XX.
Secondary Sexual Characters of Man — continued.
On the effects of the continued selection of women according to a different standard of beauty in each race — On the causes which interfere with sexual selection in civilised and savage nations — Conditions favourable to sexual selection during primeval times — On the manner of action of sexual selection with mankind — On the women in savage tribes having some power to choose their husbands — Absence of hair on the body, and development of the beard — Colour of the skin — Summary 585

Chapter XXI.
General Summary and Conclusion.
Main conclusion that man is descended from some lower form — Manner of development — Genealogy of man — Intellectual and moral faculties — Sexual selection — Concluding remarks 603

Index 630