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Good Newes from New-England.

King, inſomuch as hee would not once touch the powder and ſhot, or ſuffer it to ſtay in his houſe or Country. Whereupon the Meſſenger refuſing it, another tooke it vp, and hauing beene poſted from place to place a long time, at length came whole backe againe.

In the meane time, knowing our owne weakneſſe, notwithſtanding our high words and loftie lookes towards them, and ſtill lying open to all caſualty, hauing as yet (vnder God) no other defence than our Armes, wee thought it moſt needfull to impale our Towne, which with all expedition wee accompliſhed in the moneth of February and ſome few dayes, taking in the top of the Hill vnder which our Towne is ſeated, making foure bulwarkes or ietties without the ordinarie circuit of the pale, from whence wee could defend the whole Towne: In three whereof are gates, and the fourth in time to be. This being done, Captain Standiſh diuided our ſtrength into foure ſquadrons or companies, appointing whom hee thought moſt fit to haue command of each; And at a generall Muſter or Trayning, appointed each his place, gaue each his Companie, giuing them charge vpon euery alarum to reſort to their Leaders to their appointed place, and in his abſence, to be commanded and directed by them. That done according to his order, each drew his Companie to his appointed place for defence, and there together diſcharged their muskets. After which they brought their new Commanders to their houſes, where againe they graced them with their ſhot, and ſo departed.

Fearing alſo leſt the enemie at any time ſhould take any aduantage by firing our houſes, Captain Standiſh appointed a certaine Companie, that whenſoeuer they ſaw or heard fire to be cryed in the Towne, ſhould onely betake themſelues to their Armes, and ſhould