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VOYAGE TO GREENLAND. present month, which is commonly found to be re- markably fine, calm, open, and clear, with a pleasant temperature, whereas this has been aecomlamied by repented gales, with a temperature below that of the freezing point. Our endearours to penetrate to the westward .we, re so anxiously conduetei,. as to constitute a perfect voyage of discovery, and no navigator, in the endeavour to explore regions known only by conjecture, could have been kept in more watchful expectation than we were, or have suffered more disappointment than we now experienced. A change of weather at length took June place, and we were favoured with a most beantifu] day. About noon, the wind abated to a geutle breeze, and the sun shone with uncommon lustre, as we entered a large bay, the bottom of which was formed of impenetrable floes of rugged ice, extending from the. south-east north about to south-west; thus again was our western progress arrested. Here our squadron of five ships was ang- mented to twelve, and presented an interesting spectacle tm they were all lying-to in the bay. One of our boats was .desatehed for a load of ice or eongenled snow, to be dissolved for the use of the ship's crew, the only means, in this forlorn region, of providing that very necessary article of life; and avniled myself of this opportunity to take a shooting excursion. On my return ! went on board the Cato, & ship which had been in company with the Thorn- ton when that vessel was wrecked in May; here obtained many intere. sting particulars of the calm-