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Accept, O sacred shade, this artless verse .
And now, perch'd proudly on the topmost spray
Approach in silence. 'Tis no vulgar tale .
As those we love decay, we die in part
Call for the Robin-red-breast, and the Wren
Can I, who have for others oft compiled
Come, Peace of Mind, delightful guest
Deep Unes of honor all can hit .
Fair Tree ! for thy delightful shade .
Fallen, fallen, a silent heap ....
For though banished from my flocks .
Give me, O indulgent Fate ! . . .
Go, lovely Rose !
Hail, mildly-pleasing Sohtude
Happy the man, whose wish and care
Her true beauty leaves behind
He sung of God, the mighty source .
He that to such a height hath build his mind
How gaily is our hfe begun ....
I must praise her as I may ....
In such a night when every louder wind
In the Muse's paths I stray ....
I were unkind unless tliat I did shed .
Lady, I rifled a Parnassian Cave .
Live while you live, the Epicure will say .
Meanwhile, ye hving Parents, ease your grief
Me though in hfe's sequestered vale .
Now come, ye Naiads, to the fountains lead
Oh ! might I Uve to see an art arise .
O King of Terrors ! whose unbounded sway
Peace ! where art thou to be found ? .
See how the orient Dew ....