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S THE OXFORD ^MISCELLANT \ �Tf Poetry : Reproductions of Original �Editions �BROWNING. Men and Women, 1833. The two volumes �in one. �BURNS. The Kilmarnock Edition, 1^86. Reprinted in �type-facsimile. �COLERIDGE <S- WORDSWORTH. Lyrical Ballads, �tygS. Edited by H. Littledale. �COLLINS. Poems. With facsimile title-pages, three �illustrations, and a Memoir by CHRlsrOPHER Stone. �GRA Y. Poems, ij68. Reprinted in type-lacsimile, with �four illustrations. �KEATS. Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Amies, and �other Poems, 1820. A page-for-page and line-for-line reprint, with a facsimile title-page. �SHELLEY [MARY). Proserpine and Midas. Two �unpublished Mythological Dramas. Edite<l by A. KoSZUL. �SHELLEY. Prometheus Unbound, with other Poems, �1820. With a portrait. �TENNYSON. Poems, 1842. WORDSWORTH. Poems, 1807. �^ Selections from the Poets �BARNES {WILLIAM). Edited with a Preface and �glossarial notes by Tuo.MAS HakdV. With a portrait. �BLAKE. The Lyrical Poems. With an Introduction �(45 pages) by Sir Waltek RaleIGH, and two drawings by Blake. Also on Oxford India Paper, 4s. 6d. net. �CLARE {JOHN). With an Introduction by Arthur �SVMJNS. �CLOUGH. The Bothic, and other Poems. Edited by �II. S. MiLFOKD. �DE TABLEY {LORD). With an Introduction by John Drinkwater. �PRAED {WILLIAM MACKWORTH). Edited by �A. D. Godley. With a portrait. �SOUTH EY {ROBERT). The Lives and Works of the �Uneducated Poets. Eilited by J. S. ChildeRS. Sefiteiiiber ijZj 1 ��� �