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ment of tbe company's numerous counsel resident in various lo- calities.

Free and complete possession of property purchased with loans from the savings fund during the repayment of the loan ; thus substi- tuting the repayment of loans for the payment of rents, and acquiring ownership of homes at little or no additional monthly payments.

Ability to purchase materials at large reductions upon current rates, through contracts made by the association with wholesale dealers for building and otber material in large quantities.

Opportunity to utilize, free of cost, the officers of the association as agents in negotiating real estate and other transactions, such as securing fire and life insurance at reduced rates, prompt payment of taxes, water-rates, etc., etc.

Reduced transportation for all materials entering into the construc- tion or improvement of homesteads.

For those who have nothing to offer as security for loans, a plan for enabling them to secure homes by simply insuring their lives for the ultimate benefit of their families is provided.

Those leaving the company's service can continue their payments as before, or can dispose of their interests to the best advantage, as can also those unable to meet their payments.

Many other minor provisions, all looking to the comfort and wel- fare of its members, have been added to this association from time to time, but their enumeration is unnecessary here. To summarize briefly the beneBts conferred by this institution under its relief features :

It enables employes to avoid selecting insurance organizations un- worthy of confidence, and to avoid forfeiture of their moneyed inter- ests, as premiums are only deducted from month to month, and are monthly expended in giving immunity to the well and indemnity to the disabled. The plan of periodical deductions enables them to make payments of premiums with definiteness, certainty, and regularity, in such small installments as not to be felt, and on a scale which the com- pany has obligated itself shall not be increased. They have the com- pany's guarantee that all benefits promised shall be faithfully paid. The premiums are so graduated that the poorest can enjoy member- ship and advantages proportioned to their contributions. It relieves employes from all necessity of soliciting contributions, prevents rest- lessness, discontent, and hardship resulting from inability to earn wages under bodily infirmity ; and the knowledge that when in distress they get their dues promptly, and not through charity, and that their fami- lies are adequately provided for against immediate want in case of their death or disablement, makes the men more cheerful, efficient, and contented. On the other hand, it does away with all appeals to the personal or official charity of the management, and with claims for indemnity for accident, and relieves the company from nearly all the costs and embarrassments of suits instituted by employes.

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