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304 Southern Historical Society Papers.

of that brigade. When the division went to the Valley, Elzey's brigade was composed of the Thirteenth Virginia regiment, the First Maryland regiment, and a battery of artillery.

On the 14th of June, 1862, just four days after the battle of Port Republic, the returns then made show the following number of officers and men present for duty in the infantry :

In Elzey's brigade :

Officers '. 95

Enlisted men . 1,049

In Trimble's brigade/:

Officers ".. 123

Enlisted men , 1,049

In Taylor's brigade :

Officers 106

Enlisted men , 1,793

Aggregate 4,967

These are the last returns before the movement to join General Lee in the attack on McClellan. The First Maryland regiment had then been detached from Elzey's brigade, and the Twelfth Georgia/ Twenty-fifth and Thirty-first Virginia regiments, had been trans- ferred to it. The Forty-fourth, Fifty-second and Fifty-eighth Vir- ginia regiments, all small regiments at that time, were subsequently transferred to the brigade, and constituted a part of it in the battles around Richmond. The artillery attached to the brigades was absent at Medium's River depot, to replenish ammunition and get new horses.

The returns for the division, made the 10th -and 12th of July, 1862, the first full returns after the Seven Days' Battles, show pres- ent for duty, in the infantry : .

In Elzey's, then Early's brigade (10th July) :

Officers : 115

Enlisted men 1,444

In Trimble's brigade (12th July) :

Officers 100

Enlisted men 1,528

In Taylor's brigade (12th July) :

Officers 67

Enlisted men.. 1,291

Total . 4,545