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Mississippi Troops who Served m Virginia. 59

short time in West Virginia, under General John B. Floyd, but was transferred to the Southern Department early in the war.

All the -above information was furnished by Captain J. C. McNeily, editor of the Vicl'slun/ 1 1 cm Id.

The only regimental commanders I am sure of, were those of the 2nd Mississippi Battalion, afterwards the 48th Mississippi, to-wit: Lieutenant-Colonel Taylor (a nephew of President Zachary Taylor), killed at Frazer's Farm ; Major Wilson, killed at Sharpsburg, Md. ; Lieutenant-Colonel Thos. B. Manlove, who survived the war, now dead, and Colonel Jos. M. Jayne. He was promoted Brigadier General just before the conclusion of the war, which he survived ; now dead. The last two were wounded several times.


Of the 48th Mississippi Regiment (who served in Virginia from the battle of Williamsburg to the surrender at- Appomattox Court House.