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Safe Home in Port 236

Translated by J. M. Neale
A. S. Sullivan
  1. Safe home, safe home in port!
    Rent cord - age, shat tered deck,
    Torn sails, pro - vis - ions short,
    And on - ly not a wreck :
    But, O the joy up - on the shore,
    To tell our voy - age per - ils o'er,
  2. The prize, the prize se - cure!
    The wrest - ler near - ly fell;
    Bare all he could en - dure,
    And bare not al - ways well :
    But he may smile at troub - les gone
    Who sets the vie - tor - gar - land on !
  3. No more the foe "can harm!
    No more of leag uered camp,
    And cry of night a - larm,
    And need of read - y lamp:
    And yet how near - ly had he failed
    How near - ly had that foe pre-vailed !
  4. The ex. - ile is at home!
    O nights and days of tears!
    O long -ings not to roam!
    O sins and doubts and fears!
    What mat -ters now grief 's dark-est day,
    When God has wiped all tears a -way!
    A - men..