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6 Wherever War, With Its Red Woes
John Finley, C. Harold Lowden, 1880-
  1. Wherever war with its red woes,
    Or flood or fire or famine goes, There, too go I;
    If earth in any quarter quakes
    Or pestilence its ravages makes, Thither. I fly.
  2. I go wherever men may dare, I go wherever
    woman's care
    And Love can live, Wherever strength and
    skill can bring Surcease to human suffering,
    Or solace give.
  3. I am your pennies and your pounds;
    I am your bodieson their rounds Of pain afar;
    I am you,doing what you would
    If you ere only where you could— Your avatar.
  4. The cross which on my arm I wear,
    The flag which o'er my breast I bear,
    Is but the sign Of what you'd sacrifice for him
    Who suffers on the hellish rim Of war's red line.