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Praise Him! Praise Him! '

Come, Thou Almighty King 20
(ITALIAN HYMN. 6,6,4,6,6,6,4)
Charles Wesley,1757 Felice de Giardini,1769
  1. Come, thou al- might-y King,
    Help us thy name to sing,
    Help us to praise:
    Fa-ther, all glo-rius,
    O'er all vic-to-ri-ous,
    Come and - reign o-ver us,
    An-cient of Days.
  2. Come thou in-car-nate Word,
    Gird us on thy mighty sword,
    Our Prayer at-tend:
    Come, and thy peo-ple bless,
    And give thy word succes;
    Spir-it of ho-li-ness,
    On us de-scend
  3. Come, ho-ly Com-fort-er,
    Thy sa-cred wit-ness bear
    In this glad hour:
    Thou who al-might-y art,
    Now rule in ev-ery heart,
    And ne'er from us de-part,
    Spir-it of power.
  4. To thee, great One in Three,
    E-ter-nal Praise be Hence ev-er-more.
    His sov-reign ma-jes-ty
    May we in glor-ry see,
    And to e-ter-ni-ty
    Love and a-dore.