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43 From the Eastern Mountains
(ROSMORE. 6,5,D. With Refrain)
Godfrey Thring,1873 Henry G. Trembath,1893
  1. From the east - ern moun- tains, Press-ing on, they come,
    Wise men in their wis - dom,
    To his hum - ble home ;
    Stirred by deep de - vo - tion,
    Hast - ing from a - far,
    Ev - er journeying on -ward,
    Guid-ed by a star.
     Light of life that shin - eth,
     Ere the worlds be - gan,
     Draw though near and light - en
     Ev - ry heart of man.'
  2. Thou who in a man - ger
    Once hast low - ly lain,
    Who dost now in glo - ry
    O'er all king - doms reign,
    Gath er in the peo - pie,
    Who in lands a - far
    Ne'er have seen the brightness
    Of thy guiding star.
     Light of life that shin - eth, &c.
  3. Gath-er in the out - casts,
    All who've gone a - stray ;
    Throw thy ra-diance o'er them ,
    Guide them on their way;
    Those who nev - er knew thee,
    Those who've wandered far,
    Guide them by the bright-ness
    Of thy guiding star.
     Light of life that shin - eth, &c.
  4. Un - til ev - ery na - tion,
    Wheth-er bond or free,
    'Neath thy star - lit ban - ner,
    Je - sus, fol - lows thee
    O'er the dis - tant moun-tains
    To that heavenly home,
    Where nor sin nor sor - row
    Ev -er-more shall come.
     Light of life that shin - eth,&c.