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PAGE. American Politics. By Thomas B. Preston 41 Anschauung, What Does Mean ? Editor 527 Artificial Selection and the Marriage Problem. By Hiram M. Stanley 51 Clifford on the Soul in Nature, Professor. By F. C. Conybeare 209 Conservation of Spirit and the Origin of Consciousness, The. By Francis C. Russell 357 Criminal Suggestion, On. By J. Delboeuf 363 Ethnological Jurisprudence. By Albert H. Post 31 Evolution, The Continuity of. The Science of Language versus The Science of Life, as represented by Prof. F. Max Muller and Prof. G. J. Romanes. Editor 70 Facts and Mental Symbols. By Ernst Mach 198 Littre, Emile. A Sonnet. By Louis Belrose Jr no j^/ Logical Theory, The Present Position of. By John Dewey i Magic Square, The. By Hermann Schubert 487 Mechanical Invention, The New Civilisation Depends on. By W. T. Harris. 178 Mental Evolution. An Old Speculation in a New Light. By C. Lloyd Morgan. 161 v/" Mind, The Law of. By Charles S. Peirce 533 Monism, Our. The Principles of a Consistent, Unitary World-View. By Ernst Haeckel 481 f Necessity, Mr. Charles S. Peirce's Onslaught on the Doctrine of. Editor 560 JJ Necessity, The Doctrine of Examined. By Charles S. Peirce 321 Psychical Monism. By Edmund Montgomery 338 Religion and Progress. Interpreted by the Life and Last Work of Wathen Mark Wilks Call. By Moncure D. Conway 183 Spencer, Mr., on the Ethics of Kant. Editor 512 / Things in themselves, Are There ? Editor 225 Thought and Language. By George John Romanes 56 Will and Reason. By B. Bosanquet . i S