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Additional duties on certain articles imported in vessels of United States after 30th June inst.after the last day of June instant, there shall be levied, collected and paid upon the following articles imported into the United States, in ships or vessels of the United States, the several duties herein after mentioned, over and above the duties now payable by law;—viz:

On coffee, clayed or lump sugar, per pound, one cent.

On cocoa, per pound, two cents.

On cheese, per pound, three cents.

On boots, per pair, twenty-five cents.

On shoes and slippers for men and women, and on clogs and goloshoes, per pair, five cents.

On shoes and slippers for children, per pair, three cents.

On coal, per bushel, one half a cent.

Five per cent. ad valorem.

Duties five per cent. ad valorem.On millinery ready made, artificial flowers, feathers and other ornaments for women’s head-dresses, and on dolls dressed and undressed.

On cast, slit, and rolled iron, and generally, on all manufactures of iron, steel, tin, pewter, copper, brass, or of which either of those metals is the article of chief value, not being otherwise particularly enumerated, (brass and iron wire, locks, hinges, hoes, anvils, and vises excepted.)

On carpets and carpeting.

On leather tanned or tawed, and generally, all manufactures of leather, or of which leather is the article of chief value, not otherwise particularly enumerated.

On medicinal drugs, except those commonly used in dyeing.

On matts and floor cloths.

On hats, caps, and bonnets of every sort.

On gloves, mittens, stockings, fans, buttons and buckles of every kind.

On sheathing and cartridge paper.

On all powders, pastes, ball, balsams, ointments, oils, waters, washes, tinctures, essences, or other preparations, or compositions, commonly called sweet scents or odours, perfumes or cosmetics, and on all dentifrice, powders or preparations for the teeth or gums.

On gold, silver, or plated wares, gold and silver lace, jewellery and paste work, clocks and watches, and the parts of either.

On groceries, to wit: cinnamon, cloves, mace, nutmegs, ginger, aniseed, currants, dates, prunes, raisins, sugar candy, oranges, lemons, limes, and generally all fruits and comfits, olives, capers, pickles of every sort, oil, and mustard in flour.

On all marble, slate, or other stone, on bricks, tiles, tables, mortars, and other stone, and generally on all glass, except window glass, and on all stone, and earthen ware.

On cabinet wares, and all manufactures of wood, or of which wood is the material of chief value.

On all manufactures of cotton or linen, or of muslins; of cotton and linen, or of which cotton or linen is the material of chief value, being printed, stained or coloured.

On carriages, and parts of carriages, four and a half per cent. ad valorem.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That after the said last day of June instant, there shall be laid, levied and collected, in addition to the present duty thereupon, a duty of two and a half per cent. ad valorem, upon all goods, wares and merchandise, which, if imported in ships or vessels of the United States, are now chargeable, by law, with a duty of seven and a half per cent. ad valorem.

4th section of certain act continued to 1st January 1797.
1792, ch. 27.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the fourth section of the act, intituled “An act for raising a further sum of money for the protection of the frontiers, and for other purposes therein mentioned,” whereby an additional duty of two and a half per cent. ad valorem, was laid upon