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302 POST-ROADS. Virginia. IN THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. _3 @18-, 1854, ¢— From Abingdon, by Clear Branch, Three Springs, Mill Point, Arca- ?;g,r 1 , PP- 4°8· dig, and Block House, to Estnlvllle. 4 _;' A,,g_ 1854, ,,_ From Abingdon to Holston Valley. _ 271, v. 10,,11. ssa From Abingdon, by Holston, and Hansonville, to Lebanon. _ 3 1li¤1¤11, 1855, <=- From Abingdon, by North Fork, Hnyster’s Gap, Holston River, and 2i},?;,:,?- c Saltville, to Tazewell Court-House. _ IW ,. 1f",,,,_ 13,-,' From Abingdon, by Poor Hill, in Tennessee, Holston Valley, and . I' Rockh ld’s t El' abethtowu. ug M¤1‘¤l1, 1857,11- From Abidgdod, by Raven’s Nest, Craig’s, Kinderbook, and Rocky gg. v- 11, vv- W, 1;-01,,1;, to Estilville. _ _ 1f, _1,_,,,,, 1858, ,,_ From Abingdon, by Tool’s Creek, and Byrd L1lley’s in the Poor Val- 1s2,v. 11, pp. :160, ley, to Whitley FulIon’s. 361- From Accomac Court·I—louse, by Locustville, to Locust Mount. _ 5,22  :g“¤°· From Aquia, by Garrisonville, and Staford Court-House, to Rail- 2‘' _ road. 19i,3%Lp.§6’ c From Aquia Creek to Richland Mills. 3 up , ,<=· From Aldie to Manassas. 13};,*3;*,* **1%% °_ From Aldie to Snickersville. my .,_ ]6¥ Q%j From Alleghany Springs, by Hufsville, to Simpson’s. _ as Feb., 1871, e. From Alexandria, by Accotink, and Occoquan, to Dumfries. _ WN- 16, PP- 468, From Alexandria, by Anandale, Fairfax Court-House, Chantilly, 4%, An ,8.,2 G Pleasant Valley, Arcola, Aldie, Middlcburg, Beotor’s Cross·Roads, Up- 6_ ,._1y,1,_`§·,~_` perville, Paris, and Millwood, to Winchester. _ .14 May, 1872, c. From Alexandria, by Fairfax Station, Sangster’s Station, Burke’s 1¤9·V·17·P·U5· Station, Manassas Station, Catlett, Walnut, Branch Depot, Beallton, 42.}°v"‘{.?°· 1§¥•°‘ Millville, Brandy Station, Culpeper Court-House, Mitchell’s Station,

,‘1,{,,,.,1,Ij'18y;§, ,,_ Rapid Ann Station, and Orange Court-House, to Gordonsville.

256, v. 17,1,.507. From Alexandria, by Mount Pierce, Anandale, Chantilly, Pleasant Valley, Arcola, Aldie, Middleburg, and Upperville, to Paris. From Alexandria, by Nall’s Church, and Republican Mills, to Dramasvil e. From Alexandria to Theological Seminary. From Amelia Court-House, by Dennisville, and Finney’s Mills, to Namozine. From Amherst Court-House, by Pedlars Mills, to Big Island. From Appomattox Depot, by Elk Hill,Lod0re, Painesville, and Rodophil, to Deatonsville. From Appomattox Depot, by Skin Quarter, to Wintcrpock. From Appomattox Depot, on the South Side Railroad, by Oakville, Panky and Gray s Store to Be11t Creek. From Ashton’s Mills to Lauck’s Cross·Roads. From Aylett’s, by Acquinton, Piping Tree Ferry, Rumford Academy, and King William Court-House, to Lanesville. From Bachelor’s Hall to Shady Grove. From Balcony Falls, by Natural Bridge, Dagger’s Springs, Clifton Forge, Alum Rock and C§ington, to Callaghan’s. From Baptist alley to nob. From Barkesdale Depot, by Hall’s Cross-Roads, to Spring Garden. From Bayuesville to Fi\l`lll0I"S Fork. From Beavelr Dann Depot, by Chilesburg, Apple Wood, and Flippo’s, to horn urg . From Beliield to Lawrenceville. From Bentleyville, by Mount Laurel, and Whitesville, to Providence. From Betten, by Gorby’s, Isaac Miller’s, Absalom, Postlewailfs, and Benjamin J ohnston’s, to New Martinsville, in West Virginia. Frrom Bi::Jkley’s Mills, by Gnest’s Station, the Pond, and Three Forks, to nr ey ‘ove. From Big Lick, by Booue’s Mills, and Goggiusville, to Rocky Mount. From Big Lick to Harper’s.