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FIFTY-SECOND CONGRESS. SEss. II. Ch. 212. 1893. 723 ravine contiguous to boiler house, to be immediately available, twelve thousand dollars. Stationary fire engine: For one stationary iire engine, with pipes, .S¤¤¤¢>¤¤‘5’ fire <>¤· connections, and frame shelter, four thousand five hundred dollars; in gm°‘ all, sixteen thousand five hundred dollars. BUREAU on MEDICINE AND SURGERY. ,,,£“§§Q,$§_M°“’°‘“° IVIEDICAL DEPARTMENT: For surgeons necessaries for vessels in ,S¤rg¤<>¤¤‘ ¤¤¤¤¤¤=~ commission, navy-yards, naval stations, Marine Corps, and Coast Sur- "°°' m' vey, and for the civil establishment at the several naval hospitals, navy-yards, naval laboratory, museum of hygiene, and Naval Academy, sixty thousand dollars. NAVAL H0sP1TAL FUND: For maintenance of the naval hospitals H¤¤Pi¤¤1f¤¤pli€S for the naval service, and to be reimbursed from the proper Reimbursement